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I have made a two digits 7segment display with pic16f628a and two transistors in the past and it worked well. Are you sure that you have correct segments connected to correct pins? Maybe try to comment out your code and start with testing if the correct segments are lit? And then start testing without multiplexing, just display the same digit on al
Dear All, I have write code in MikroC Pro for pic16f628a micro controller. I have programmed this code in Proteous simulation. It is working fine , Unfortunately when I burn this software in Micro controller, Micro controller is not showing anything. When I press button , It turns ON LED. If I press button for longer time. It turn
Hello friends, Actually i want to ask question regarding PWM function using CCP Module of pic16f628a. Once i have generated 38.3KHZ for my TSOP Application, is it possible to use timers without interrupting the PWM output ? Actually i need timer to count the Frequency received on TSOP1838 Module. But as i read datasheet its written all (...)
Hello to all Can anybody tell me which is the good compailore for this code ....... Regards /* * Project name: Programmable Digital timer * Copyright: (c) Rajendra Bhatt, 2010. MCU: pic16f628a Oscillator: XT, 4.0 MHz */ // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RA0_bit; sbit LCD_EN at R
You can do this with the internal oscillator since the timing isn't crucial. A few minutes (I'm sure hours as well) here and there won't be a problem. So, there's no need to add an additional RTC chip. Any PIC with a timer should be usable. How many pins do you need in total? Take a look at PIC12F629, PIC16F630 and pic16f628a. Hope this helps. Ta
I want to program PIC mc to get a delayed output after external interrupt occurs. i.e. whenever INT pin get triggered the timer0 will start counting and when the timer overflow occurs it will turn a LED. The logic seems very simple. But I could not achieve the goal! Steps are as below - 1. enable external interrupt INT 2. Then (...)
good afternoon. can you please help us how to make a program for timer and for a stepper motor using pic16f628a? tnx
Hai, I'm a fresh starter for the project. I've done some research about the calculation for rpm. A counter and a timer are used to measure the rpm but i have no idea where to begin. I'm writing this in C language, can anyone give me some guidances?
I have played around with the pic16f628a, however I have never used the timer Capture/compare module for anything. How do you go about doing this? I just need some pointers. Also how would the pulse be turned on and off in software? I do not have any specific application at present. Just playing around with the PIC for my own interest. Many than
Can we use interrupt routines to make counting of time more accurate?Sure, but too fast timer interrupt will bring heavy loading in execution. Of course, to measure time by code delay could be very exact, but use inline assembly for it code will be better to avoid some compiler dependent issues. Since you chose the PIC