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I implemented an inverter circuit in which I need to convert 7 parameters to digital. I do this using 16f777 and on the other MCU I use the results. In circuit checking everything is ok. even when I connect it to power section everything is ok and I have got proper signals. But!! when I connect the power section to the main source (160Vdc), the pic
Hi, I am really sorry for some mistake of the previous attachment. here attached the original of same. This is a part of AN889 (microchip)three phase induction motor controller circuit. used pic16f777 microcontroller. thanks Ajitkumar
If you require 3 PWM outputs, use CCP1 and CCP2 for 2 PWM outputs and generate the third using software PWM using, for example, Timer 1. There are PICs with 3 (or more) hardware CCP modules. One example is pic16f777.
Hi guys does anyone have pic16f777 model/library in proteus???? I want to simulate PWMs. Or suggest me the other simulation software; just like proteus.
i read the data sheet of pic16f777 and i have enough knowledge about it but i want to know: if I set the configuration bit so that Master clear (MCLRE) is internally tied to VDD and use this pin as digital input. i ask about : is there any problem in programming operation with this configuration? wait reply best regards
Hello every1. I'm new to this forum. I'm currently working on this project to blink leds by varying intesities using pic16f777. I'm writing code in C language. I want to glow leds by getting an analog to digital input working using the potentiometer on the development board. Use the input voltage level to set the characteristics of the timer.
:idea:hi every one i have dot mattrix project with big mattrix of leds i use pic16f777 but i have problem with memory the memory of pic16f777 is not enuhg so i want to connect the pic16f777 with USB flash to add memory becuse the mattrix desplay show movement image palse help me to find way and circuit to connect USB
Isanyone who know how to program pic16f777 with ISCP???
i use an analog input to pic and i generate a pwm.When i change the amplitute of the input i want to change the duty cycle of the pwm.This is not anyone know why.I use pic16f777 and pcm ccs compiler. My code is : #include <16F777.h> #device ADC=16 #fuses XT,NOWDT,NOPROTECT #use delay(clock=4000000) //long duty_cycle,period;
I wrote a code for a 4 way switch as is show in picture below.The problem is that the circuit is not anyone who know what is the problem????(i used pcm compiler and pic16f777 microcontroller) the code is : if ((input(PIN_A3)==0)) { // if A3 is low setup_timer_2(T2_DIV_BY_1, 255,1); output_high(PIN_D2);
microcontroller is pic16f777. i have only one crystal and i use switch with resistor.I don;t know how to return the new frequency to the main
Hi,... If you are not strictly limited to pic16f777, then you can use the PIC12F675. It contains a built-in ASK/FSK UHF transmitter/receiver. You can also find code samples at Hope this helps.
Is anyone who have sources for pic16f777? (on c code with css compiler)
Anyone knows any programmer that can program pic16f777??? i need the schmetic as well as the PCB layout for that. Plz send it to me if anyone got one......plz....thanx
Hi, For the last update of the devices could be debug and program with ICD2 look on the readme file on the microchip website. This is the last parts for the mplab 6.50: Debugger -------- dsPIC30F2010* PIC16F767 PIC18F2331* PIC18F4620* dsPIC30F3012* pic16f777 PIC18F242 PIC18F4680* dsPIC30