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Hello, I am trying to build a system using a microchip (pic16f84) to sense the temperature in a vacuform machine and control current to the heating element to keep it a certain temperature. The vacuform plugs into the outlet 120 VAC and the heating element draws about 15 amps, it should be able to get up to 600 degree
hi to alll i want to design a circuit using microcontroller and the name of the circuit is "temperature Indicator using pic16f84" now what kind of care should be taken?... what are the ways to design a circuit? how can i get the idea that this much values are transistor or this much values of resistors that i have to use to make my circ
I need help on how to use pic16f84 for temperature regulation.
You need a micro to talk to this sensor. You could use a pic16f84, for example, but you need to know a little about programming it, since you have to emulate an I2C interface to talk to the sensor. The rest can be done pretty much by comparing the setpoint to a reference and deciding when to turn on/ off the heater. For the display, you can
On this page you have all you need : schematics, source code and a windows program to see the temperature conversion in a GUI interface. It's for pic16f84 but I'm sure it won't be a problem for if you really