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I have a code from mikrobasic example to display voltage on LCD in 4bit mode.the code is running in pic16f72 but does not run in pic16f873. I have been using codes interchangeably between 72 and 873. but in asm
For compatibility's sake, you may take a look at pic16f873 or the PIC16F883. They have 28 pins by the way. As for 20 pins, I would recommend PIC16F690. It's feature-packed and very cheap. The registers are not exactly the same, but if you successfully used PIC16F877, you should quite easily be able to use PIC16F690 by consulting the datasheet. Ho
same problem whit the above program.... it keeps displaying 'U's eventhough it is outside loop.... ---------- Post added at 01:14 ---------- Previous post was at 00:10 ---------- well i just tested a simple program of led toggle, this is not working with pic16f873 whereas if i simply replace it with PIC
org 0x00 ; Processor reset address vector nop nop call Initport goto Start ; Goto the start of main program ;*********Main loop Initport bcf STATUS, RP0 clrf PORTA movlw b'11101111' ; configure LED1 as output pin movwf TRISA movlw 0x06 ;Configure all pins movwf ADCON1 movlw 0xCF movwf TRISA bsf
can anyone help me learn assembly language programming with pic16f873:!:
hi i am mtech student. i tried to burn the the following program into pic using ezpic software during the burning process the led in the burner goes red and when i use the pic in the board it didnt work properly. i have tried to use pic16f873 simply to use as a 4bit remote control by initialising 4bits of the portb as input and other 4 bits as outp
I have just bought a voltage reference device to use with a pic16f873, it is a 1.024V reference and doesnot want to work with my PIC, is there a setting that I need to apply in order for it to function with 1V as its reference or is it just a case of 1V being too low to use as a reference?? Cheers. Pete
I am tring to write to a single LCD display moduel using a pic16f873. I can set up and initalise but only displays 8 letters/number in total the rest of the letters are not displayed my setup is function set as B'00111000 or B'00110000 but only 8 letter are ever displaied??? Is there a second display section or something?? as I can only use lef
im lookin for the diagram using the pic16f873/876 to control motion sensor... pls help me... thank you very much...
i want to generate Sinusoidal pulse width modulation(SPWM), what mode is a suitable choice? CCP mode contain capture, compare and PWN mode. the SPWM is generated by comparing 2 signal wave that is sinusoidal and triangle wave. the intersection of that wave is the point where the PWM is generate '0' or '1'. i plan to use a compare mode to generate
i want to generate sinusoidal wave using sine table in ccp mode. i want to use 10 point per half cycle using natural sampling method..this point are store in sine table and can be call for anytime to do another jobs..(in my project this point are compare with triangular wave to produce a PWM wave). can anybody help me to create a sine table to stor
I'm don't know how to use pic16f873It's easy to connect the serial hardware, just two pins on the processor, RC6/RC7 that are yet uncpnnected. MAX232 or similar is necessary to convert 5V logic to RS232 level. If "don't know" refers to the software, it's more complex. At first, you need the sources (assembler or C ?) of the presen
I am doing my final year project, and My code comes with the header : list p=pic16f873 include __config _hs_osc & _wdt_off & _pwrte_on & _lvp_off problem is, when using the assembler, the flat assembler 1.69.03, it has no header file of "". I notice that this file has to
yes It possible! pic16f873 - 877 is support. SPI mode for mmc log data. 5 pin for nokia 3310 graphic display. 2 pin for sensirion ( ex. SHT11 ) for code you can find at ccsc driver sub directory . It have many routine for use.
Hello everybody, Im looking for someone ho has some expierence in working with ADC. Actually I'm working with a PIC, the 16F873 and I'm using the AD0 to test a voltage. This voltage is always oscilating, there are two possibilities, going up to 14.8v and then goes down to 12.3v; or going up to 28.8v and then goes down to 26.2v more or less.
I am getting three signals on ADC pic16f873 Line, Earth and Nuteral measuring them with respect to DC Ground. The target of my project is to achieved Line Earth and Nutral Reversal and to Measure the Earth loop resistance. The Signal which i am getting is Line Posative Half Cycle, Neutral Posative Half Cycle and Earth posative Half Cycle, The Negat
can i know that if i use a pic16f873 trasmit an output, can i straightly connect the pic output to rs 232 without using a max232 ? the form that VB(rs 232) can read is in hex or binary? for example, if my output is 00001111 then i need convert it to h'8' just send out the result or can straight away send in binary form??? the vb can only re
As i know the LM335(temperature sensor) output is 10mVolt/Degree 'k.. My problem is when it connect to pic16f873, Can i make the temperature output into 4bits? Jz like 0000=273k , 0001=274k ....... I intend to do the project using PT2272 to transmit the tempearture signal and receive by PT2262. is it possible?
HI, Is there any PIC pin to pin Compatible with pic16f873 or 16F876 with built in osclillator?
Hi, anyone know about the part pic16f873 Instruction Set. If u know leave a msg.