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Hi, I want to read the DHT11(only the temp) using a pic16f877A and display it on 2 digits 7 segm display. I want to use assembly.I found on this forum some piece of code, but when i simulate it with proteus nothing happens. I want to read only the INT BYTE of temp. Where should
I use hitech c compiler 9.70 and pic16f877a microcontroller , the following code compiled successfully but shows warning illegal conversion between pointer types how can I clear this warning ,what is wrong with my code? #include #include #include #define XTAL_FREQ 4e6 __CONFIG (0x3F3A); void gsm_ini
Look here learn from there
Apparently he's referring to PORT B interrupt-on-change feature, provided for pic16f877 pins B4..B7. Applications are quite obvious and can be found allover the internet. You can e.g. consider a quadrature encoder interface.
hi; kindly tell me the difference between pic16f877 and pic16f877A . can they b used for the same purpose interchangably i.e; one in place of other. my first project on pic has been started and i need your help. thank u Thread: What are the major differences in pic16f877 vs (...)
unsigned int range; setup(); // sets up the pic16f877 I2C port if (range>75&&range<100) { CCPR1L = 100; CCPR2L = 100; PORTC = 0b00001000; } You have not assigned any value to "range" variable.
hi guys, i want to build an real time clock using ds1307 interfacing with pic16f877a...i think that i will have to use I2C.can u help me out in how to initialize I2C module..i m not able to understand how to configure the registers for I2C? also any suggestion for interfacing would be good too... any help would be appreciated
thanks arunsharma0731..... UART1_Write_Text(IntToStr(temp_res)); this line works as same as my code.... my uart recieveing data but i dont know why adc reading will not shown in portB and portC ... Can you tell us what value appears in the PORT B and PORTC? Are they same as what you are transmitting
I just want to ask who knows how to program a PIC16f88 or pic16f877a that will sends AT commands to GSM modem whenever an input high is send to any PORTA pins. I have here my code but it doesnt work and i dont know whats not really familiar with these programming is my source code but any source code suggestion can be a really b
My friend on given address no file ! :-| But You can see this project, and learn from this : pic16f877 with LCD Indicator Combination Lock pic16f877 with LCD Indicator Combination Lock | Electronic Circuits Projects 67776
hi although pic16f877 is too big for this task a small 8pin pic can do it neatly and also save cost as well here is what you need programmable LED strobe LED Strobe regards Fragrance
if not work then consult me but it will work fine on pic16f877a with rs232 communication - - - Updated - - - if not work then consult me but it will work fine on pic16f877a with rs232 communication
Can anyone help me with the circuit that interface sagem or any phone that use text mode for sms with pic16f877a. Thank you in advance.
Hi all, How to interface TSOP4838 to pic16f877a? Basically the TSOP4838 output is a square wave if received signal from transmitter and no signal if the signal is obstructed. the result will be show to lcd. The lcd will display increment by one every time the signal is obstructed.
hi..does anyone have a schematic and/or know a tutorial on how to interface a gsm module to pic16f877,pic16f877A or a 8952 ?C?:?: we need it as soon as possible :cry: the project is an electronic message board via sms and we're planning to use a gsm module to receive the message.. the message would be displayed in the led (...)
hi theres.. i need c language coding for converting text to speech plzz gv me rply as soon as possible. its very urgent. i want to do my final yr project on this... i use HM2007-speech recognition IC and pic16f877A... plz its really urgent hey guys plz help me.. im really very very thankful to you....
Hi all I am working in pic16f877/pic16f877A. I am using the ckt attached here but for pic16f877A it support or not i don't know and another things is that i found the ground and Vcc supply are short ckted in case of pic16f877so please tell me the correction if required..... Thanks (...)
Dear Brothers, I would like to control DC servo motor with pic16f877A. It's no matter whether pic16f877 or not. I just want to get the idea from this. and also what is the most important thing in Servo motor? It's very good for me if you share me the circuit diagram and also program.:D:D:D (...)
Here you have the schematic (I made it with KiCad and Gimp - Free Software). Info: 1) MAX232 datasheet: 2) pic16f877 datasheet: 3) RS232 pinout: Some comments: 1) The capacitor C3