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Hi, In the pic16f877 data sheet is written: "The RC oscillator frequency is a function of the supply voltage, the resistor (REXT) and capacitor (CEXT) values, and the operating temperature. In addition to this, the oscillator frequency will vary from unit to unit due to normal process parameter variation." The frequency value is derived
Apparently he's referring to PORT B interrupt-on-change feature, provided for pic16f877 pins B4..B7. applications are quite obvious and can be found allover the internet. You can e.g. consider a quadrature encoder interface.
Hi, everyone. I'm new here...just want to ask anyone of you know about fuzzy. I have this circuit and the rules. TEMPERATURE CONTROL applications BY MEANS OF A pic16f877 MICROCONTROLLER BY USING FUZZY LOGIC. I'm using bulb to control the temperature. Could anyone pls program it for me? :oops: or should i use fuzzytech? I dont know anything!! :cry:
I have seen in the final year one group build the mouse for disable people. and they did use pic16f877 microcontroller. Try to google it up the PIC applications u should able to find it out .
Here you will find example of code for pic16f877 as the I2C master ( ) and another one on reading time and date from I2C slave device the PCF8593 ( data sheet: ) .. Regards, IanP