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First read I2C protocol and datasheet of pic16f877 its all about there then after understanding the concept of I2C it will become easy for you to write codes for digital clock. For a short time you can use I2C libraries also which has fully working codes. Interfacing is quite easy see the link.
Sir, Suppose there is a working pic say 16f877 + lcd 44780 + ds1307. Apart from accessing various data from rtc the pic is also displaying LCD with some other data. 1. What will happen if I remove the ds1307 ? Will the pic hang/ ignore the rtc chip. and continue to work. 2. If it hangs what is flag that will cause it to, (...)
ds1307_init call StartI2C ; Set SSPCON2.SEN bcf I2C_Ctrl,0 ; set for write Command movf I2C_Ctrl,W ; Send Slave Address to i2C Bus call Send_Byte movlw 0x00 ; 00H address call Send_Byte movlw B'00000000' ; clk_halt bit disabled call Send_Byte movlw 0x02 ; 02H address 12/24 hrs format call Send_Byte movlw B'00000000'
Hi all I am playing around with the following code. It uses a ds1307 rtc with a pic16f877. I am using MikroC and simulating using "Real Pic Simulator". The Problem Im having is that in MikroC when debugging it only goes to a certain point and then does not go any further. See highlighted line in red. The program compiles with no errors. (...)
Hi Guys I am trying to figure out which is best way to approach this. What are the dis-advantages and advantages of either options? Option 1: 877 using tmr0 to create rtc Option 2 877 using ds1307 rtc. I would like to see what everybody's opinion is.
Hi... i dont know if is in this section that i can request this... but i'm new in this type of situaction... I need a code in c/c++ for pic16f877 with a rtc(ds1307) and smartcard... the program is that when I insert the card in the smartcard slot, be recorded on the same card the date and time it was (...)
Hi, I send to you my code for digital time and temp, shown on 2x16 lcd. I use MIKROBASIC from , ds1307 is connected to pic16f877 at 20MHz with SOFT_I2C (SDA = RB1, SCL = RB2), DS18B20 is connected on RA5. LCD is config to PORTD. On first screen you will see in first row date and on second row day on week, after 5 sec you will see
hi i'm trying to interface ds1307rtc with pic16f877. I had done interfacing of ds1307 with 89c51 and was sucessful. i have modified the same code a bit for pic16f877 but this isn't working i'm unable to find out the problem, please help me. One thing more, in 89c51 code i had written " unsigned char (...)
Hi ALL, I have to interface DS-1558(REAL TIME CLOCK) with PIC-16F877 for date and time display on LCD for a project.I need help in the form of interface diagrams/program routines(c will be helpful). Thanks ALL imp