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hi friends, im using pic16f877a for reading Solar(1.3W,7.5V) and Battery (12V,7Ah) voltages by voltage divider(4V max). i connected both to RA0 and RA1. in simulation working properly but in hardware there some fluctuations between the two inputs and showing one input is depends another. it means, if solar voltage is changed suddenly battery volta
hello I found a very strange and weird performance of custom made adc function. I used the following code: int Customadc_Read (unsigned char k) // needs to be modified to get inut from user { int adc_Result=0; // the variable that we will use to put the result of conversion in it adcON0=0b10000000; (...)
Hello!! I want to measure Efficiency using pic16f877a microcontroller.I have one current transformer. my problem is i want to Interface current transformer to microcntroller...I dont have any idea how to interface CT to adc of 16f877a. So please suggest me any circuit for it. Also How can I measure efficiency using adc.!??Or may be Im (...)
I have problems reading adc value, I have left justified result and need to read the bit 7 & 6 from ADRESL and save the value into CCP1X and CCP1Y to control the lowest bits of my PWM duty cycle. I have searched in my header file, but cannot find there how I can read the bits from ADRESL, I have been looking in my compiler manual aswell without
Everyone, First of all, I am here is a newbie in this forum. I am using a MikroC for compiler from Mikroelektronika, I want to build a PWM based on IC UC pic16f877a, this code I copied paste from other in this forum, I try for few times to compile the project but his doesn't work, when I do simulate in a proteus124512. So I
Hello guys..need a little help here.. I construct a project for solar lighting using pic16f877a, it will simply monitor battery and solar voltage via adc and switch on/off load and charge a battery. Now adc was set to 5V, now my problem is if the battery or solar voltage is low or the adc goes below 5V like 3V, my LCD (...)
Hi How to interface sensor-preasure to 16f877a we have-voltage and pressure from the sensor wat to write the code by MPLAB X IDE from adc named- adchelp please
Can any body help me? both in software & hard ware changes to read ac parameters like voltage & current. Now my program & hardware reads DC parameters fantastically but I need to read ac parameters. And I need modification to my program i.e. 1.port D have to switched to high(FF), when adc_Read(0)>265 and adc_Read(0)<215. 2.port D have to switche
Hi. I have just joined this forum looks like a great place. I have just made this Volt ammeter with the 16F877A. I am came across the post about adc Value Fluctuating in PIC Voltmeter and Ammeter LCD pic16f877a which I have the same problem. From what i have been reading it's been solved. I'm just not to sure what "There was wiri
I'm witting a feedback code for a boost converter, to ensure that the output voltage of the boost converter remains at a constant voltage of 48volts.The input voltage varies between 12-24 volt ,How would i write a Mikro C code to get the adc value for the voltage divider in the circuit and compare it to a set voltage eg 3volt ,if its not 3 volt
Hello guys! I need one advice. I'll be very very thankfull if you have it :-D I'm doing adc with pic16f877a of an AC signal that is comming from inductive proximity sensor. -First of all I have made an voltage divider to get +-12 V DC from 24 V DC adapter (needed for supplying OPAmps). -With Wien oscillator I have got an AC signal with
Can any one help me on this. I am working on voltmeter using the adc of pic6f877a with lcd , my code works perfect on proteus but when i implement it, it won't respond fine. At times it display, at times it don't. Pls i need help.
hi... I hv done calculations and calibrations for mq-6 gas sensor on bread-board.. now i want to interface MQ-6 with pic16f877a .. so want to draw schematics in Proteus but not succeeded.. so plz help me...
Good day! I was able to produce temp value on the LCD by having multiplier on RA2 (adc) such that 255 value is equal to 100degCelsius. My problem is, for example I inputted 128 on RA2, the LCD produced 50 instead of 50.something. In short, how will the LCD show the decimal point value of the temperature with respect to the input analog signal?
i am designing a UPS for a school project using a pic16f877a as a controller to monitor the temperature by displaying temperature on a 2X16 LCD and run a motor if a temperature of 70 degrees is reached and stops when the temperature drops to 50 degrees. i also inserted a voltage detector to detect an output on the inverter and send a 5 volts signa
I am making a temperature controller fan using lm35 and adc by pic16f877a, everything is okay but the reading of lm35 is fluctuated. LM35 readings are increment or decrement rapidly by increase or decrease a point in lm35 in proteus.
Haii all .. I have a problem with multiple analog input in pic16f877a....The problem is,when i connect second channel ,First channel shows some error ie,My first channel is lm35 input, and second channel have an input range of 0-5v,when i connect second input Lm 35 output on lcd increased by 15/16 degree C (around 150mv).This error not showing i
Hello everybody, I am trying to measure the analogue voltages from 0 to 5 VDC from pic16f877a's adc but i am getting some error in the voltage. For example: When the in put voltage is to the adc is 2.33V the controller reads 2.43V. Whats the issue please help.
Hi I have a problem in communication between pic16f877a and virtual terminal..i make a circuit of mesure alternative voltage(0_400v)..the circuit is working and i can read all values with lcd but in virtual termainal i read only values between 0 and 250v.. i didn't undrestand what's exactelly the problem! can someone help me!! [ATTACH=CONFIG
hello i'm using pic16f877a to mesure ac voltage this is my circuit: but it can read only values between 80v to 240 v..however im doing the same circuit with arduio and it works ! i guess the problem is in adc gonfiguration of pic16f877a, but i can't solve it cauz this pic don't hav ANSEL and ANSELH ..i already try to modifie (...)