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i have interfaced pic and ds1307, along with displaying it in lcd. but no communication is happening between pic and rtc, neither transmission or reception.please help. assembly codes is attached herewith
The following video shows the interfacing of pic16f877a microcontroller with 1602 lcd display and ds1307 real time clock and dht11 digital humidity and temperature sensor. The ds1307 uses I2C protocol to communicate with the microcontroller and the dht11 uses One-Wire protocol. The results are displayed on the lcd display. The circuit (...)
Can you please give some details about the application you are building,using pic16f877a and RTC ds1307..?That would help us better in finding the links,relevant to your requirements.
Sir, I m very new using c compiler as mikro-c pro v6.0.1. Please help me with c-code for 7 segment clock using PIC 16F887A & ds1307. My Proteus file as follows. 105919
hi, please help me to write program in embedded c code for interfacing RTC-ds1307 24bit ADC USB VIA serial UART interface FT232RL NAND FLASH memory-AT45DB642 SD CARD with pic16f877a. waiting for your replies..
I AM NEW TO INTERFACE OF ds1307 WITH PIC. can any provide the links for these interface and what is iic protocol ??
Examples (they are for PIC16F877 but you can easily use them for PIC18F46K20): A Simple Clock using ds1307 + pic16f877a ds1307RTC MikroC I?C Library
You mean on ds1307 not DS1703, I dont know for DS1703 RTC. A Simple Clock using ds1307 + pic16f877a Real Time Clock IC (ds1307) p
Hello guys, Do you guys have experience with ds1307 and PIC 16F877A ? I 'm using Hitech C and I can't use the example from compiler.... I stack with : unsigned short read_ds1307(unsigned short address) { //unsigned short dataa; I2C_Start(); I2C_Wr(0xd0); //address 0x68 followed by direction bit (0 for write, 1 for read) 0x68 follo
hello.....i want to build a real time clock using the internal timer(s) of the pic 16f877a and display the time on 16x2 lcd. I can handle the lcd commands but please upload and explain me the timer operations using the ccs pcw compiler......!
I'm making a timer in which I can input time using keypad and the numbers I pressed should appear in the the LCD.. And when I press ( * ),the countdown will start..Also the countdown timer should appear in the LCD.. Please help me with's my code.. unsigned short kp; unsigned short cnt; int hour_ones,min_ones,min_tens; char
all are microcontrollers pic16f877a
8220482203 this two is my circuit and my code for mikroc, and it can not be displayed on my lcd, and i dont know the problem, i really hope who can point out my mistakes. thanks for ur timme
For voltage sensing, you can use a voltage divider and sense the voltage using the PIC ADC module. For date and time, you can use a RTC chip and interface it to pic16f877a. You can use ds1307 and interface it to pic16f877a using I2C protocol. You may save the data on the PIC EEPROM or you may use an external memory for larger storage (...)
Dear All, I used ds1307 as a RTC and put the readings to LCD using pic16f877a via I2C bus. It is working fine.Backup battery also connected properly. only thing is when I removed the main power from My cct and reconnect after few minutes, unfortunately time was not increasing while backup battery is there. some times system also struck Please he
I had interface the RTC ds1307 with my PIC Micro-Controller... and using the internal I2C Module of PIC I had successfully write some bytes but not able to read the byte properly.. I had set the time as 06-05-00 (Hours-Min-Sec) Format. I tried reading the data and displaying on the LCD, but i get time as TIME:05:00:06 Means Minut
hi guys, i want to build an real time clock using ds1307 interfacing with pic16f877a...i think that i will have to use I2C.can u help me out in how to initialize I2C module..i m not able to understand how to configure the registers for I2C? also any suggestion for interfacing would be good too... any help would be appreciated
Dear All, This is I2C communication between RTC ds1307 and PIC 16f877a Please advice. This is not working properly. Please see attachment for files #include __config 3f39 ;RTC ds1307 cmd_byte RES 1 Main BANKSEL TRISC ; initialize MSSP module bsf TRISC,3 ; conf
Hi, Friends My RTC clock with ds1307 and pic16f877a as a master I2C using 16*2 LCD is working ok now i want an indication of AM/PM in LCD so requested friends that how to write code in Assembly.I have written 0x71 in hour location of ds1307 for 11pm and 12 Hrs mode and read hours are storing in TEMP Resistor and displaying the hour value usin
Hi, Friends My RTC clock with ds1307 and pic16f877a using 16*2 LCD is working fine. When I write following values in corresponding Location of ds1307 after 5 seconds it changes and displays all the calendar values and time accordingly which all are correct, EXCEPT HOUR display value. Second=0X55 After 5 seconds displays in lcd=00 Minute=0x5