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Hi Am woking on 8x8 led matrix with pic16f877a moving message through 8x8 led matrix i need simple code or how to right it using mikroc pro. Thanks
Hi.. can anyone send me the code for led message display using pic16f877a. I'm using monocolor led with 7*64 matrix display board. I'm using MPLAB software.
Hello there,from the blog on want to drive three dot matrix with 74LS164 as serial -parrallel registers I am not coming to figure out how I can process for scrolling some three letters,can you please help. see example codes here below and the circuitshtt
Im a newbie when it comes to micro project is to build an led matrix atleast 8x80 that can post messages controlled via pc. i really don't know how to start things over.. im using proteus in making schematics.. pic16f877a with a 4017 Decade Counter other than that i dont know what other stuff to use..please help me..
Hi all. I am working on led dot matrix produce by Sure Electronic which the board uses Holtek chip (HT1632). Does anyone know on how to develop program for this chip? Currently I am using pic16f877a. I am not very familiar with PIC. I search for information on the net and most of them recommend SPI module. Here is the code so far. I just (...)
in my project i use scrolling matrix led...anybody tell how to interface with pic to matrix led and how to write program for that........
hi .... I am having 20X5 column's and 7 rows (15 No of 5x7 led ) serially connected to PC via hyper my code i have some problem with receiving characters from the PC. I have attached my code here... i use Mikro C and pic16f877a and 74HC595 for shifting column's. My program is , /*---------------------------------------------
Hi everybody Like to make a scrolling message (using led matrix) in mikroc (pic16f877a) pleas help me how can i make it can you anyone put the sample code ? thanks in advance
hi..does anyone have a schematic and/or know a tutorial on how to interface a gsm module to PIC16F877,pic16f877a or a 8952 ?C?:?: we need it as soon as possible :cry: the project is an electronic message board via sms and we're planning to use a gsm module to receive the message.. the message would be displayed in the led dot matrix..
Guys can you suggest a project ideea using the PIC16F887A microcontroller ? I really need a starting project. Thanks in advance, _SquiD_ Added after 47 minutes: I was thinking to implement a spectrum analyser on a led matrix or on a display without using dsPICs. Is there a way ? _SquiD_
i've to do project about led dot matrix message display..for my project. i'm using pic16f877a and coding using assembly language.. i've got the source code but ive some problem to understand it..can someone help me to understand the assembly language.. ABJADA MOVLW D'10' MOVWF D3 MOVLW D'25' MOVWF D2 MOVLW D'25' (...)
I am new person to this,any one know the circuit diagram,coding for led Moving message (permanent)from PIC 16F877.pls help me