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hey friends I have got and problem with the 4 mhz oscillator with pic16f877a.I have programmed a code using mplab for sending string to labview and when i check the output value from the PuTTY software I got and output as in picture i attached instead of getting string.But in proteus simulation it gives and exact string written in code. Please he
How do I make a pic16f877a's USART run at 38400 bps? Because from the manual I cannot understand. I use Mikroelektronika compiler.
For my DC-DC Converter I need to generate a 50kHz PWM signal and I am using pic16f877a. Is there any problem in generating such a high frquency using pic16f877a's CCP Module? Plz... I need suggestions.
It is working in Proteus. I don't have pic16f877a with me now. Use 4 mhz Crystal or increase the delay and see. Try to use Hi-Tech C delay library routine for the delays.
I Converted this microchip sample code to mikroC Code but it is not working. What is the problem? //Project: Port Expander //MCU: pic16f877a //Clock: 8 mhz //Author: Jayanth Devarayanadurga #define I2CMODE 1 #define SPIMODE 0 #define WrtCmd 0
pic16f877a has been designed to work with a maximum clock frequency of 20mhz. You shouldn't use anything above 20mhz as stable operation is not guaranteed. You may succeed in temporarily making the PIC work. But chances are it'll soon fail. So, 20mhz is the maximum you can use. Here's the datasheet. Go through it.
Dear Sir i am doing a project on pic16f877a for multichannel ADC i.e 3 phase 415 volts Analog voltage to digital voltage using PIC ADC on display on LCD 4 bit mode using 4 mhz XT crystal oscillator . I have sucessfully find the digital voltage in single phase but I am to do the three phase voltage in a single PIC chip . I think PIC doesn't support
Dear Sir i am doing a project on pic16f877a for multichannel ADC i.e 3 phase 415 volts Analog voltage to digital voltage using PIC ADC on display on LCD 4 bit mode using 4 mhz XT crystal oscillator if have solved these type of projects plese let me know with code Thanks & Reagards Dhananajaya
Yes it is possible to use pic16f877a to generate 50 Hz PWM signal to drive servo. In the CCP module, generating PWM with frequency of 50Hz is not possible with clock frequencies in the mhz range, where you should use the compare part of the CCP module. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
hello...! I'm working with pic16f877a to build Six legged of robotic, so I want to control it with RF remote control using Tx & Rx modules 434 mhz with RF800 encoder & decoder. here I'm going to use DC motor and Stepper motor and L293D drivers _each leg has two Angle, it means stepper motor to move the leg in two directions and DC motor to rais
Hi everyone, I need some help in understanding the clock of pic16f877a microcontroller. I am currently working on the ADC module of pic16f877a. I read the data sheet but I couldn't understand it clearly. I have some questions: I am using a 4 mhz crystal on my development board, so what I understood from the data sheet is I need to make the (...)
Hai, Pleas post a circuit diagram with pic16f877a+str433 RF mhz.
u can use UART you can see in pic16f877a datasheet, pin C6 and C7 is for tx an rx.. in the link i give below, find the serial communication section, Chapter 4: Examples - Book: PIC Microcontrollers - Programming in C did you have any experience with serial comm?
Hey all bros n Engineers(seniors) I am doing My course project n it looks it is completed and i have programed with PICC compiler n in simulation its running but in hardware nothin is displaying over the 2X16LCD n I am using pic16f877a with Ds1302 and LM35..n need ur help see below the coding and also the schematic from proteus.... PLZ help i need
Hi xjackal, Check this out : This is a basic ultrasonic range finder, from 30 to 200 centimeters, it uses pic16f877a with 8 mhz crystal, an ultrasonic piezzo transmitter with its receiver, mikro c code:
hi friends, i need the microC code for following matter, i use two sensors, the pic16f877a get the signal from 1st sensor the timer ON, when the signal get from 2nd sensor timer OFF, then calculate the between time on & off. plz help as soon as posible thanks a lot..... S.kaArthIc
With a DDS 1-40mhz generator with TTL/CMOS outputs I tried to overclock a pic16f877a (with no frequency marking - so it a 20 mhz version). To be sure that the PIC is still fully functional at higher frequencies, I wrote the program so that it was computing a multiplication with 32-bit floating numbers and displaying the result at 2x16 LCD (...)