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Hi I'm new to PIC microcontrollers. My program is pic16f877a has to take analog input (ex: sine wave) and ADC should sample that analog input with a sampling rate 0.5kHz. That should be displayed on LCD. Below I'm attaching a file , which has code. But that is not working on proteus. I'm using MPLAB IDE and Hitech c compiler.
Can anyone help me out? I have C program in Mikro-c compiler. Temperature sensor using pic16f877a microcontroller code and i want to convert this into equivalent code for MPLAB-c compiler. Can anybody help me with that? Thanks
Hi, Im using pic16f877a microcontroller, im trying to upload my hex file via UART programming. The concept is, befr using the uart programming have to reserve some initial memory for BOOTSTRAP. Top 256 needed for that(0x1F00 to 0x1FFF out of 8KB). After that only user program will occupied. In MPLAB v8.30, i dont know How to reserve the default
Hi Everyone, I already asked about that I just clarified and satisfied from your answers?. Here, I have one more doubt in pic16f877a. that is, How to configure the particular memory location to Reserve in MPLAB v3.0 High tech co
i am working on a temperature and resistivity telemetry project to be displayed on LCD, i'm using pic16f877a nad temperature sensor (LM 35), my main issue is i am to transfer the code from computer to microcontroller, but there is no display on the LCD, but the LCD is powered on, but nothing is being displayed,
Hai, I recently interfaced the DAC mcp 4921 with pic16f877a microcontroller using SPI. THE Process is working fine, when i given the input directly to DAC (ie : value as 600 without using forloop). but if i given the input using for loop and adding each time value 100 using macros the output suddenly increasing... I found little bit
I'm new to micro c . Need to turn Timer1 on pic16f877a after pressed a switch 1 and then turn it off when pressed switch 2, then displaying the period of the time on LCD. Plz help me is urgent... I attached proteus simulation picture as well as micro c code that i tried... but i don't no whether it is correct... [url=obra
need to turn Timer1 on pic16f877a after pressed a switch 1 and then turn it off when pressed switch 2, then displaying the period of the time on LCD. Plz help me is urgent... I attached proteus simulation picture..
Need to turn Timer0 on pic16f877a after pressed switch 1 and then turn it off when pressed switch 2, then displaying the period of the time on LCD. Plz someone help me...i am new to micro c.... i attached proteus simulation screenshot....
I have been developing a product I hope to be making many more of in the near future, using the pic16f877a. I just came across the Microchip statement "not recommended for new designs". Really bad timing for me as I am well into the design process. I am coding it now using FlowCode V6. And Mikroelektronika EasyPic V6 development board with a
Hello!! I want to measure Efficiency using pic16f877a microcontroller.I have one current transformer. my problem is i want to Interface current transformer to microcntroller...I dont have any idea how to interface CT to ADC of 16f877a. So please suggest me any circuit for it. Also How can I measure efficiency using ADC.!??Or may be Im on wrong
i am new to PIC microcontroller. while trying to programme a HEX file i compiled with MikroC compiler, it works fine on simulation with Proteus but show error on programming the controller, the controller erases successfully. but during programming ,the process fails and some configuration bit error is displayed on the window "ERROR! CONFIG
What you are talking about us called Reverse Geocoding and there are several services (e.g. Google) that offer it over the Internet as a free or commercial service (depending on how often it is used). However trying to do this without an internet connection is next to impossible, especially with a small device such as the pic16f877a which has an 8K
This is an interfacing of pic16f877a with a 2-wire serial lcd, this interfacing uses only 2 wires to display characters on lcds like 16x02 or 20x04. This system consists of a shift register and it can be any type of 8-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register such as 74HC595, 74HC164, CD4094.... The following two videos have more details and how
Hello,I would ike to make a school bell which might be set to be automatic or manual using push buttons,could you advice on the usage of timer 1 of pic16f877a in Microc(unfortunately I am not familiar with Microc). I have seven period: Of 50minutes and one period on 20minutes. could anyone help me on the implementation of this? Thank you!!
I am trying to send AT commands from pic16f877a to sim900.I am trying to send each command ,then wait for the response and if response is received the response is cleared.Then the next command is sent.But i am facing problem when the response is cleared.The correct response is not being detected by the microcontroller.Please help me with the code.[
Hi I am working on a project in which I am using 4 pin oscillator pack of 6.25MHz frequency and microcontroller pic16f877a. In configuration word register there are four options for selecting the oscillator. FOSC<1:0> 11=RC oscillator. 10=HS oscillator. 01=XT oscillator. 00=LP oscillator. Which option i select for this mentioned 4 pin osc
This is a simple circuit for controlling an 12V DC motor speed and rotation direction using pic16f877a microcontroller. As shown on the circuit schematic diagram there are 3 buttons two for controlling the motor direction cw and ccw and the last one for stopping the motor. The speed is controlled using potentiometer connected to AN0. The followi
The following video shows the interfacing of pic16f877a microcontroller with 1602 lcd display and DS1307 real time clock and dht11 digital humidity and temperature sensor. The ds1307 uses I2C protocol to communicate with the microcontroller and the dht11 uses One-Wire protocol. The results are displayed on the lcd display. The circuit (...)
One of the main issues in your code is the Watchdog Timer has not been disabled, which will constantly reset the microcontroller when the timer expires, typically you disable this feature when developing code. You might also have issues with the timing requirement of your LCD which typically differ from simulation to real world hardware. I have
Hello, This is a project for controlling sensored brushless dc motor (BLDC Motor) using Microchip pic16f877a. This motor is a 3 phase motor, it has three hall sensors to detect its position in order to generate the appropriate signal to the three phase bridge as shown on the attached circuit schematic. The following video shows the working: [
Hello, This is my project for interfacing DHT11 digital humidity and temperature sensor with Microchip pic16f877a 8 bit microcontroller. The DHT11 sensor uses 1 wire protocol to communicate with master device and the results will be displayed on 1602 LCD display as shown by the following video. The circuit schematic diagram is attached. [vide
can you guys help me which analog pins are used for analog reading for the voltage,current,speed,temperature. and for respective relay driveres #include #define ent1 T1CON=T1CON|0b00000111 #define dist1 T1CON=T1CON&0b00000110 #define load RB3 #define motor RB0 #define heater RB2 #define pump RB1 //enable timer1 //disable timer1
Can anyone help for interfacing LDR with pic16f877a using Hitech C
Hello... I made temperature sensor using pic16f877a. NOW i want to send this reading using sms... i want when i send for example "Temperature" to the phone connected to the pic it responds to me as message "Temperature is: 20°" i mean sms communication and i guess it is done by fbus and AT commands, my problem i cannot write the full source code i
Hey guys..can somebody help in my project.. I need a source code and schematic diagram that will turn on the LED if the Ultrsonic sensor US-100 detects an obstacle and will turn off if there is no obstacle using pic16f877a..thank you..God bless..need it badly..
Hi, I just did a google with "ultrasonic sensor using pic16f877a with assembler" and several examples appeared which should give you an idea of how to do it.
if the microcontroller has two SPI interfaces you can implement this idea. However, the pic16f877a and pic16f73 only have one SPI interface so you would have to implement the second in software using bit-bashing if would be simpler to select a device with two SPI interfaces, e.g. use the Microchip product selector
Hello, i want to generate square waves and count the pulses using a pic16f877a microcontroller. can someone help me on how to do it in proteus and mikroc
hi guest, may i know all the output current from the microcontroller pic16f877a pin ? i know it can find it on the datasheet ~~ but i don't know how its means from the data sheet, i need to know how to read the exact values. Your help is very grateful~~
help me please mikroc codes to interface cd4067(multiplexer) with a PIC 16F877A
hey , i want to implement the PID on pic16f877a, i am using mikroc pro for coding. the input feedback data read by the adc can vary from 0 to 1023 (10 bit), on the basis of input data from ADC , the pwm will be generated to keep the ouput voltage constant. the duty cycle of pwm can vary from 0 to 250. 0 corresponds to 0 volts at the output , w
I am using pic16f877a and i want to convert the 0 to 100v AC to some proportional DC of 0 to 5V range. Can anybody help me in this conversion circuit. ????
simple 7400 series 14 pin Digital ic tester using pic16f877a
I've used PIC16F876A - I think this fulfill your requirement. If you want more pins better use pic16f877a - but bulky and more cost than the previous
i am thinking of using ltc3115-1 dc/dc converter and connect with pic16f877a and using pwm to monitor the battery voltage.... this just my conceptis it possible or not
hello i got confused about interrupt happening in microcontroller. what would happen ,when interrupt occurs while interrupt executing? frequency and time relationship of microntroller?
Hi guys, i using sensor sends data into the pic16f877a. How much voltage need to provide to PIC in order for the PIC to pin goes high from low when it is detect the sensor such as coding .
Please do not be offended, how familiar are you with the microcontroller (pic16f877a)?
Dear all, I have to design (Color to Sound sys. using pic16f877a microcontroller), I implemented the sensor. My problem is how can I make the pic speaks the colors (Red, Green, and Blue)? where can I found (codecs) for these words? Best wishes
#include #define Count_In RB3 __CONFIG( FOSC_HS & WDTE_OFF & PWRTE_ON & CP_OFF & BOREN_ON & LVP_OFF & CPD_OFF & DEBUG_OFF); void main(void) { Button = 0; TRISB3 = 1; unsigned int Count = 0; while(1) { if(Button == 1) // Button is pressed { while(1) { while(Button == 1); // Wait for de-assertio
Hi everyone, I am new to microcontroller using the following code for pic16f877a. I am using mplab 8.91 and hi-tech compiler 9.83 to compile the code but it is giving error on _Config statement at line no 2. Pl help #include __CONFIG(WDTDIS & XT & UNPROTECT); char name1={" Hello World "}; void delay(int x) { int
In my program there is an #include "config.h" function. But when i build this it show me that "can't open include file "config.h": No such file or directory" My program is given below. Could anyone help me. I am using pic16f877a microcontroller. //==================include================================= #include #include #i
Check this: and search as : pic16f877a ultrasonic range finder or pic16f ultrasonic
I need to add a cooler with my program. My Program is in c. I need to on cooler when temperature will exist my set point and it will also stop when temperature will below the set point. My program is given bellow. Could anybody help me please???? #include <16f877a.h> #include #include "config.h" //===============configuration==========
Hello everybody can you plz help me to think about driving an scr (Thyristor) with a Micro-controller (pic16f877a);I want to drive half wave controlled rectifier and then a three phase rectifier. I know how I can generate different signals like sine,PWM and square wave ;plz help to think about that design. Thanks.
I want to count frequency of sinusoidal signal using this module the microcontroller is pic16f877a with ccs c compiler,if possible you can help also using T1CKI.I want to count up to 1.756MHZ using 20MHZ quartz. Thanks
if we configure the pic16f877a in program then is it necessary to configure the ic before write the hex code to it by the programmer(universal programmer TOP2005+)
Hi i have connected a potentiometer to pin AN 2 of pic16f877a .The 10 bit ADC converts input from 0-1023 . Now ,i want to transmit the data serially to arduino uno R3 and display on the monitor .I have connected the Tx of pic to Rx of arduino and also have a common ground .I have also created a software serial port in the Arduino so that the one w
Debugging : 0. Make sure your port is working fine...!!! (very common mistake). Put some leds on your port and turn them on and off. In pic16f877a whole PORTA is an analog input and NOT DIGITAL I/O 1. Turn Off all the unused peripherals of microcontroller which are not in use...LIKE ADC, Timer...etc (Some are ON by default in PIC micr