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Hello everybody, this is my first post and I hope you can help me. Im working on a school project with a pic16f887 in Assembly language. Its a line follower with two sensors. I want some advice about the electronics. I can use the A/D converter from the PIC or an external converter. PWM is optional, I think that for a first intent, it could be
Is it a 5V device or 3.3V device ? I want to use pic16f887-E/PT in a project. It is TQFP device. I know that 16LF versions are low voltage (3.3V) devices. I just want to make sure that the device I want is a 5V device.
Hello friends, Here is my small project..Measuring frequency with PIC CCP capture module. It Has good resolution and give result as 00.00Hz Range is : 15Hz to 120Hz ...I used it for measuring 50Hz line frequency. compiler : MikroC Pro for Pic V6.0 Xtal : 16 MHz Timer1 prescaler : 1:8 LCD : 20x 4 RC2 pin is input for capturing.
HELLO, I am doing a project in which I take temperature from the field using LM35DZ( connected at AN8 of pic16f887). Then I need to transmit data through nRF24L01. The controller and nRF24L01 are connected via SPI(microcontroller-master and nRF24L01-slave). I am new to embedded program. Can anybody help me with the program? If possible post the fu
I have wrote this program for that circuit with intention of counting every pulse that comes out of the signal generator but its not working so please check the project files in the attachment. // Lcd pinout settings sbit LCD_RS at RD4_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RD5_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RD3_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RD2_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RD1_bit;
It is better to use pic16f887.
Hey guys how are you, greetings from Venezuela, I am currently presenting a problem with the pic16f887 microcontroller I2C module in Proteus simulation, the same me the following error: Spurious SCL transition detected These routines work correctly with a PIC16F877 but when migrating to the pic16f887 which is what I'm using generates that err
I have taken a project to transfer the human voice via optical communication (LED or laser) using PCM. But i have faced problem that i could not transfer the signal over 1kHz using pic16f887, it gets distorted but i need range up-to 20kHz for voice communication. If i use external ADC then could i get any benefit? now i am converting the analog si
Hi. I am working on a project in which I have to make a 7 segment display to work controlled by pic16f887. i am writing the code in Assembly language. the pic would generate serial data which is given to 74hc164n (8 bit serial in parralel out shift register). the output from 74hc164n is given to the 7 segment display.
I want to know how to setup adc ports in CCS C Compiler. I am using pic16f887 MCU for the project. I will be using all the analog pins for adc and I will be using the Vref- and Vref+ pins for reference voltage. vref- will be connected to ground and vref+ will be given +2V. I need an example for setup_adc_po
//project: LCD HD44780 Lesson, LCD 16X2 Example //Programmer: Shahrulnizam Mat Rejab //PIC: PIC16F877A, pic16f887, PIC18F4550 //Crystal Frequency: 20MHz //Compiler: HI-TECH C for PIC10/12/16 V9.83, PIC18 V9.65 //Last Modified: 31 August 2012 //Website: #define HD44780 #define HD44780_ADVANCE #define ROW 2
//project: GSM Modem Lesson //Programmer: Shahrulnizam Mat Rejab //PIC: PIC16F877A, pic16f887, PIC18F4550 //Crystal Frequency: 20MHz //Compiler: HI-TECH C for PIC10/12/16 V9.83, PIC18 V9.65 //Last Modified: 8 August 2012 //Website: #define UART #define HD44780 //#define PCD8544 //#define _74HC4052 #if defined (_74HC4
Frankly, I avoid using MikroC like the plague, even though I own a license for the software. I would suggest recompiling it again, ensuring the Configuration Registers and Oscillator frequency are set as you've shown in post #5. The code provided in the example was specifically for the pic16f887 and even though I use my own routines, I don't
Ok, I'm using pic16f887 and mikroC compiler.
Hi all.. I'm doing a project, which I think I'll need some help from you guys. I have a light sensor (TSL251R) and its output voltage is 3.3V max. I need to fix the sensor bit far from the control board (about 5m) so that I think I need some sort of analog signal conditioning to interface it to an ADC in my pic16f887 and measure the light level
i am using a temperature sensor that use one wire communication so i need to connect it to a microcontroller and the temperature sensor read temperature in a do loop and inside i have an if statement to check if temperature is greater than 28 it sends a message using the gsm to the user but as temperature is on the range of the if statement it kee
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any experience using the TDC GP21 chip from ACAM. I am working on a laser rangefinder project where this chip is used but we are having great difficulty communicating with this chip. We are using a pic16f887 through SPI interface to read and write to the TDC chip, but we are unsure if we are actually writing
Hello Please can anyone help me with suggestions, ideas, sample codes or links on how to complete this my project. I want to design a DS1302 RTC based digital clock using pic16f887 and 7-segment display. I have designed the circuit and the code using CCS C Compiler. The clock is working but the issue I have is how to include the Time setting in my
In on of my project i need PWM out put through the specific port by PIC MUC. So that i found an example code of PWM in my compiler(MikroC ) 'HELP' desk. but problem is that it doesn't work. for the simulation purpose i'm using proteus. I can show the example code of that if want. Now what can if fixed that problem ? An other thing, can any one te
I want to design project include microcontroller programmed based on gas leak sensed by gas sensor . Starting at minimum range of 10 PPM(part per million) gas leak measured by the gas sensor,it will send signal to pic16f887 microcontroller and should be displayed in LCD display. in addition, the microcontroller also will send signal interface wi