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I am using Proteus 7.11 version which has pic16f887 Micro-Controller. Apart from that, why to change the software if you dont have the one listed in it. It looks like that you only require pic16f887 for schematic design purpose, so you can create your own easily.
Hi, Ive got a USB to RS485 converter for PC and trying to communicate with pic16f887. I am trying to simulate in Proteus, Here is my schematic: 77535 Here is my Code unsigned char ch; void InitUsart(void) { // TX Pin - output TRISC=0b01000000; TRISD=0b00000000; PORTD=
There is a GLCD demo inside mikroC PRO Examples directory. You can find scheme for connecting GLCD in mikroC PRO Help. Search for Glcd Library and on the bottom of the page describing Glcd Library you will find schematic for pic16f887 that should help you connecting your chip.
I converted from proteus to mikroC pro using pic16f887, 8Mhz or later, 74hc595, 8x32 dot matrix. I got code and schematic from ilker_32 can be found: with 8Mhz I got code working. Here is code:
Currently i working on a EDFA module, i need help to interface LCD with the module. I got 6 analog input. I need to show all the 6 readings from the module on a 4x20 LCD. I plan to use pic16f887. Is it possible to do so? How shud i start the schematic diagram of it? I am still new to micro-controller. Can anyone help me out to develop
Hello, Please help me, I am interfacing a GSM/GPRS modem with a pic16f887 microcontroller using assembly language. I can successfully send SMS messages using the PIC, but I can't receive any modem repsonse. With modem echo ON I only receive "At" and with modem echo OFF I only receive CR LF, when I am expecting an OK. Part of my receive r
Hello Everyone. Does anybody has a C code and schematic diagram of Nokia3310 interfacing with pic16f887? The idea is...When the Nokia3310 received a text messages...say Hello World!!!, the pic16f887 microcontroller will output it to an LCD. Thanks for any help you extend.