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You don't say which pic18 device so we cannot answer the possibility of hardware connection but in general those devices tend to have the hardware peripherals connected to specific pins (the exception being those with PPS and even then the can be limitation). You may need to be looking for a software (bit-banged) I2C or SPI interface. They (...)
Is this a hardware limitation? Yes. As far as I know are all pic18 PWM outputs using timer2 as period generator.
Hello everyone , can any one tell what does the part name of pic18FxxKxx (ex: pic18F45K20) specify??? Thank you in advance :)
Hi I try to make a little menu on my lcd screen to show some data and setting. I get the data from an another pic from SPI. This work well but when a try to add some data,or new line in my menu a get a stack overflow. If a check in the fonction tree in mikroc the max deep stack a have i 6 and pic18 have 31 deep stack. I link my code in this post
Hi, I want to generate continuous 20MHz pulse using function delay_us() in ccs. I used pic18F4580 and the crystal was 10MHz with PLL. So that, I can get the clock is 40MHz. I have this code: /// 20MHz pulse #include <18F4580.h> #fuses H4,NOWDT,NOLVP,BROWNOUT,PUT,NOPBADEN #use delay(clock=40000000) void main () { while
hi guys i have a black box that its output is like fft algorithm.but im absolutly confused because it use a 8bit pic microcontroller(pic18f252)with this specifications: sampling pulse is 1Mhz numbers of data is 256 as i think for this fft u need to a fast micro for lossless data.????? i think it doesnt lose data because it can detect low altit
hello, it seems some flag init are missing .. to valide the interrupt see FIGURE 9-1: pic18 INTERRUPT LOGIC on the datasheet Nota: i don't know if a test on RCREG is enough to clear this register so it is better to READ RCREG to be sure to erase RCIF flag. you can not do RCIF_bit=0; Read only register sdat must be volatile if used into the
where to connect the usb rfid reader to pic18f4550? to the Rx and Tx pins or to the d- and d+ pins?
Hi everyone, I need some help for those who have experience in generating sine waveforms using AD9833 and pic18F4580. This is my first experience using SPI to code the sine waveform from pic18F4580 as a master and AD9833 as the slave. I set the pin between pic18F4580 and AD9833 as follows: RC4/SDI/SDA ---- SDATA RC3/SCK/SCL (...)
pic18 has a dedicated hardware stack which only holds return addresses pushed during call and rcall instructions or interrupts. Stackoverflow can happen by having too many nested function calls or various kinds of coding errors. You should be able to understand the cause by analyzing the compiler listing or tracing code execution in simulator.
size of ROM WIDTH in 8051 vs pic18 vs AVR does the ROM width changes from mcu to mcu?? i heared that pic18F has 16bit wide ROM is it true
Hi guys! I am trying to interface a FPGA and pic18FL4520 through an UART. Both chips has the same power supply: 3v3 and there is a direct connection between the FPGA and uc using 2 pcb tracks. Is it necessary to place a level translataor or some kind of pull up resistor in these lines (TX and RX)? As I told previously, I don't have anything
it seems a variation of PIC, which one? (pic16? pic18?) which compiler is this? it doesn't seem like XC8... so, in your compiler what's the difference between 'int' and 'short int'? did you tried changing from 'volatile unsigned short int' to 'volatile unsigned int'?? did something happened?? ... 'volatile' can be understood as 'plz don't o
in pic18, C-18 compiler do not support float mathematical operation, how can I calculate decimal number in software. sprintf() do not support float point
Hi everyone, I'd like to know if this works technically. I'm not an embedded systems engineer. I have plans to make a main control device powered by a PIC32MX795F512L that also has a 7 port USB hub on the same PCB powered by the USB2517. The PIC32 will connect to the computer via USB CDC and Ethernet. Connected to the USB ports will be
Good day can someone please assist, I am using an pic18 (18F8722) explorer board together with a SIM928 EVB board the problem that I am having is that when I connect my micro controller board together with the EVB board I am unable to receive any SMS I am able to receive an SMS if I connect my EVB board directly with the computer,and I am also
Hello, I still new on this field. I having my college project this year, so I choose on making a voice recognition using microcontroller pic18F4580 to control light and DC motor as the output. My question is: 1) Is it possible on using a HM2007 as the interface? And can anyone show me how is connection to pic18? 2) If the HM2007 is not (...)
I need some information about the IC MC9S12E128MFUE You can review the datasheet and reference manual at what's the difference between it and the pic Which PIC? There's PIC16, pic18, PIC24, PIC32. Generally, it's a completely different processor core. how I can simulate MC9S12E128MFUE usin
Hi I want to interface GLCD with pic18f4520 I am using pic18 basic simulator can anyone give the exact code to draw a sinusoidal wave on the GLCD with minimum numbers of variables and loops? Thanks
Zip and post the mikroC project files and Proteus file. Try clearing canSTAT register. HI, can any One please send a sample (like template) of can program for pic18F458