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Hey Please take a look and my schematic and PCB and check if it's correct. Some my project requirements: - single layer PCB - big tracks, so I can etch at home - RTCC powered with battery (i2c communication + MLF pin) - analog temperature sensor with jumper to analog port - jumpers so I can easily turn on/off pots - IR receiver with jump
You don't say which pic18 device so we cannot answer the possibility of hardware connection but in general those devices tend to have the hardware peripherals connected to specific pins (the exception being those with PPS and even then the can be limitation). You may need to be looking for a software (bit-banged) i2c or SPI interface. They work BU
The example and libraries included with the XC8 compiler would be a good place to start. The XC8 compiler includes an extensive library of routines specifically ported for the pic18 device family, including SPI, i2c, UART, etc. In regards to drivers for specific SPI and i2c devices, just search the forum, you find numerous examples. BigDog
i have refer some keypad code that i seen reg ...OPTION_REG &= 0x7F;(in using..PIC16F877a) case of use in pic18f4550 is not working that reg.What reg do to use...instant for that reg....
That pic18 tutorial I mentioned also has a page on the function of i2c and also a project using the i2c debugger in
have you had a look at Microchip's code samples? there are several examples of i2c for pic18
Hi , I am very new to PIC controllers. I am using pic18LF43k22 controller, and i have configured the i2c as SMBus. I having issue reading 16 Bit data from the slave. Kindly help me. ISSUE: I am able to write BYTE and write WORD (2 bytes) to the Slave, But i am not able to READ from the slave. I am sure i am doin
Hello there, Try these link here they are using pic18 MCU.. Do not worry just study the data sheet and configure it by yourself for PIC16 like mathespbe said. study once and update me. Best regards,
You need to post your complete code buddy. If you are using header files beware of them. There are several header files which check the flags in an incorrect manner and hence the communication is hindered. I faced similar problem in i2c with pic18 and finally was successful when I coded the entire thing over again without any header file commands.
Hello, please help me out I'm interfacing TC74 with pic18f4520 using i2c.But I'm unable to get temperature reading form TC74. Can anyone check my error.. Thnx:-? 84168
I have done DS1302 in pic18 with MPLAB C compiler. It is SPI. You are doing in IIC. I can send you if you need this SPI code.
If you want to know from the basic to spi and i2c protocols and interfacing devices like motor, relay, DS1307( timer) go for the Muhammed Ali mazidi book for pic18. he start with the assembly and then C language. I think this is the best book. He also written book on 8051,AVR and intell etc.
i want to display the date and time to LCD.... i dont know to how to read and write i2c... the below program is executed...but output is not worked pls somebody help me...or give some code based on pic18 compiler... #includeOR unsigned char SPI(unsigned char mybyte); void TRANS(unsigned c
Is there any way to circumvent this stuff with pointers? I tried using them in the put command but it treated the pointer as a string as one would expect and not as a pointer to a variable. Unfortunately not, all numerical values must be converted to character strings. The Microchip Explorer pic18 has LCD inte
Hello all, I am new to dsPIC30 series. I have been using pic18 and interfaced 24LC512 successfully.. Now I try to interface 24LC1026 with dsPIC30F6010a, but couldnt. Can someone help me with this transition from 18F to 30F for i2c. The dsPIC datasheet speaks well about the i2c master reading the data from memory (at pg 15 -- (...)
Hi Friends Does anyone have a C program for communicating two pic18F2420 micro controllers using i2c thanks
The pic18F45K22 datasheet said for i2c function, the SCL.TRIS and SDA.TRIS should be set to high, and the hardware will change the output of SDA and SCL automatically. However, in many i2c example code, it seems that they always set SDA.TRIS to 1 for output high at SDA pin, and set SDA to 0 for a output low. Is this correct? Can
The required subroutine is not in pic18f45k22.h. They are in i2c.h and pcconfig.h (in C:\MCC18\h)(I attached here with .txt extension) In the pcconfig.h, the code is like: #ifdef __18F65K22 #define i2c_V6_1 There is no __18F45K22... and in i2c.h, the code is: #ifdef i2c_V6_1 ... ... (...)
I have to write code for pic18 interfaced with TC74. The communication is possible only through i2c. I have read about PIC i2c through datasheet, but didnt succeed in writing code about it. Can anyone share a pic18 i2c code sample for study?? I have searched it on google too...but didnt get a good (...)
Hi, I have connected several MCU together on the i2c but, also I'm able to detect the srat and stop conditions so i know that the hardware is functional. However I can't seem to get an address match. I know that in 7bit mode (currently using 7bit) the address is allowed to be 7bits with some reserved addresses. So 7bits can contain at a maximum