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Hello , I'm Working on Industrial Project based on pic18f series micro-controller. I'm using TQFP packaging pic18f97j60 controller. In this project i used some modules such as PWM for AC motor control . LCD , 4x4 Keypad , I2C for external EEPROM , L297-L298 and TIP122 for relays & Solenoids of 24v DC I'm using two Omron +24VDC 4 A ( For micron
Hi all, Guy's Im working on pic18f45K22 using XC8 1.33V. My problem is if((u16)Voltage > (u16)280) { DispRYBCnt = 6; DispBuffer = CHAR_r; } even Voltage Variable is less than 280 this condition is getting true. I tried this also Voltage = 210; if((u16)Voltage > (u16)280) { DispRYBCnt = 6; DispBuffer =
I am getting 100mv noise at my ADC input channel, how can I remove it using DSP filter in micro-controller. I am using pic18f.
Any body can explain me in deep what is Stack over? How to find it in program? what means of instruction instruction at 0x000050 when i run my program with MPLAB SIM This massage comes out CORE-E0001: Stack over flow error occurred from instruction at 0x000050
Hi Dora, Sorry that if I had not followed the etiquette . I am really in search of the library that supports the MFRC 522 RFID .There is one for the arduino which is almost stable but nowhere i find that for the pic18f or PIC16F. I searched many a times and could not find any results . If you are aware of any such libraries for the PIC then that wo
size of ROM WIDTH in 8051 vs PIC18 vs AVR does the ROM width changes from mcu to mcu?? i heared that pic18f has 16bit wide ROM is it true
i tested my ESP8266 wifi module and send a command AT+ CWJAP =,< pwd > and joined with my wifi router.. atfer that how can i control devices with it? i want to control a relay from internet..i got many tutorials with arduino not with pic18f...i dont know much abt arduino...... how can i create a button in my wifi module's ip address do
I am looking for 16x4 LCD initialization code for LCD in 4 bit mode using pic18f
The page 28 in describes the OSCTUNE register. What do the Frequency tuning bits do? When it says maximum and minimum frequency, how does one know what these maximum and minimum frequency values are?
hi we are interfacing sim 300 with pic18f. ,using ccs compiler if i m sending at commands from microcontroller to modem , it is working perfect. we monitor via hyperterminal. but if i m checking for 'OK' after each at command, it receives only for 1st at command. here is my code void main() { char c; int8 i; for(i=0;i<10;i
I am using a pic18f to communicate over I2C to the RDA5820 FM chip. I have a suspicion the problem has nothing to do with the RDA however, because I've tried other chips in place and experienced the same problems. About 50% of the time the PIC will halt (just stops executing as if i2c disconnected), and the rest of the time the communication works
i'm having pic18f and arduino i'm interested in doing some projects but have no idea,so suggest some project idea pls.........
Hello, I have designed a pcb with relay that triggered some device. I used dry contact relays. But relays are expensive and wanna use opto-mos relay. Is it convenient? Also how can I use it. I searched especially cpc1017n. But I havent found more details especially how to connect with microcontroller(pic18f series). Can you give any advise
Try this. If it still doesn't work then switch to pic18f device. void main() { TRISC = 0x80; PORTC = 0x00; TRISD = 0x00; PORTD = 0x00; UART1_init(9615); Delay_ms(200); UART1_Write_Text("AT\r\n"); Delay_ms(1000); UART1_Write_Text("AT+CMGF=1\r\n"); Delay_ms(1000); UART1_Write_Text("AT+CMGS=\"989559518
Hello, I am new to PIC18 world and I have a big problem. I bought two pic18f Stater Kits with pic18f46J50 microcontroller, Oled display and card reader and I want to connect them using RS232. I already connect the two boards by soldering two wires on D2 and D3 pins. I've read that I need to use USART2, since USART1 is already connected to t
Post full code and Zip and post complete MPLAB project files. As pic18f is used, use LATxbits.Latxy instead of PORTxbits.Rxy for output pins.
I have a pic18f452, MPLAB and MikroC softwares. I am currently working on sending data from Bluetooth HC05 (connected to pic18f) and receiving in a smartphone app. Now I want to send the same data via wi-fi module to smartphone. Is this possible. Which Wi-Fi module should I purchase which is easy to interface with a micro controller. Thank
don't forget also, to treat error flags inside receive interupt , wich can block the flow of data.. especially with pic18f Frame eror and Overrun error ..
1 cycle =1000000 / in ?S FOSC can be internal (inside the PIC) or external , use of a Quartz or an external clock device generator. for Other pic18f you can active a PLL multiplicator => FOSC*4 => 1 cycle= 1000000/ FOSC ?S for executime time Code operation take mainly 1 cycle ( it's explain why we divide FOSC/4) but some
hello, but when I tend to write 0.05 it cannot display but displays 0.49 , 0.10 is 0.99 and other a mistake here ? 0.10 is 0.099 ! 0.05 is 0.049 ! with pic18f & MikroC , i don't get this behavior if initialise a float value with 5.00 , or convert ascii "5.00" to float , i get 5.00 ! show your particular case ..(code) don't fo