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Hi, The ADC input is for measuring an Analogue signal. This tutorial might help is you are using measure the frequency of a square wave you use the CCP Capture Compare
Hi, I'm doing a project that consists in transfer information from the PIC to PC trough bluetooth. I'm using bluetooth module JY-MCU and pic18f4450, but i'm having struggles at sending information from PIC to PC...I also have implement a MAX232 but I don't know if that is correct. Can someone help me with this? Is the use of MAX232 correct
pic18f family will be easier for you to work on, and development kits are also available for you.
Hi Everyone, I am newbie to USB Communication and don't know much about LAB VIEW's USB VISA. Have worked on Micro Controller and Labview a little though. I want to know how send data from pic18f2550 that can be shown in Labview even if its just some sensor value and to send command from Labview to pic18f2550. I want to do USB Communication. I'll b
Hello friends, I am using pic18f87k22 controller. And I want to know how to use its internal RTCC. I need help to organize my code in C. I have consulted the data sheet and getting confused and how to begin. I want to display the time and date on a LCD module for which I have to create program accordingly. Kindly also suggest which pic18f series ca
It can be done but I only write code for pic18f.
Hello friends, Happy New Year and blessings :smile:. I am working on pic18f4580 controller. Requirement: To put the controller in sleep mode and to minimize the power consumption. 1. LED is connected at Port B.7. 2. A switch SW is connected at Port B.0. 3. LCD is connected to Port D0-D7. I need guidance on how I can take the PIC into sle
Hi All, I have a simple board with 4MZ and a complex board with 10 MZ crystal. I have two micros, one is PIC16f877a and another one is pic18f4520. PIC16F micro works on both boards without any problem while pic18f is not. There is a two major chance for this failure. One is hardware and another one is software. I was about to ignore the ha
Hi every one .. I plan to design small GPS trucker using GPS reciver and gsm modem (sim900) with pic18f microcontoller , in my prototype board , every thing work fine but my question: what is best alternative way for removing 1000uf in power supply section for the modem ? it so big , almost all parts in the pcb is small expect the 1000uf also
Hi, I have avr dragon and the vusb usbasp programmer with me. But I need some thing simple similar to the usbasp but it should be much faster so that it will not take much time to load a 1MB or 256KB of flash. Is there any one already did it in pic18f with USB hardware?
if u have xc compiler then read this thread and implement
Hi, Im trying to do a ping between W5100 and my computer. I use a pic18f with SPI communication with W5100. My comunication between PIC and W5100 is right: I send and receive the right values. But, when I connect the plug RJ45 is the same as not plug: nothing happens! The lights not turn on, nothing. Any suggestion? My plug is connected h
How to calculate the baud rate in 8051 & pic18f microcontroller.? Read datasheet for particular uC. Visit this link : PIC serial communication tutorial Best regards, Peter
yes I have same problem usb1 project from advanced PIC Microcontroller projects in c with pic18f Undeclared Identifier 'USB_Interrupt_Proc'
One can make an interface with accelerometer with pic18f4520- but couple of things there before you start ..... 1) define the purpose of using your accelerometer ...... and 2) state that correctly to seek for the proper feedback The chip MMA7455 gives output in SPI interface(Fast speed digital interface ) i2C (low speed digital interface) rig
Hi.. I have 3.2" touch screen mounted on a ,3.2" TFT display which has a resolution of 320x240. The touchscreen has a touch controller XPT2046/ADS7843 which has a 12 bit adc inside. I have managed to interface it to my pic18f on which i can read the touch co-ordinates which vary from near about 100 to 3900 on for each axis depending upon whi
Asalam-o-Alikum....!! i am interested to make programmer for pic18f, although i don't know much about pic18f458 and programming too .but in this semester this subject will be i am trying to study this, specially making understanding with programming. www.radiolocm
Hi guys I switched to pic18f family and i'm enjoying very much this family,it has a lot of advantages over PIC16F family. I wrote a simple program in assembly to display string on LCD: ;============================================================ MOVLW 0X0 MOVWF TBLPTRL ; LOOK UP TABLE LOW BYTE ADRESS MOVLW 0X02 MOVWF TBLPTRH
I've been using MPLAB X IDE v1.60 to program mostly pic18f in assembly. My question is can I still use MPLAB X IDE to program a dsPIC chip in C? Yes. However, the task will require the installation of a compiler compatible with the dsPIC family, like XC16 or C30. BigDog
1) So If I want to only read and write the Hex file. Then I have to have pickit 2 programmer and ZIF socket which is on the following option. Really the onl