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hi iam using pic18f452 in my project i am interfacing gsm modem with mcu. In that i am writing and reading some data from eeprom.but problems come when i am writing data to eeprom after that i am not getting response from modem i enable all global interrupt,receive interrupt after writing. please anybody help.
I want to use a Gsm modüle in my project I want to control my robot with gsm modüle, and sent to robot with pre-coordinated points (I'll use gps too). Which Gsm and gps should I use. What is the thing that I should be careful while choosing ?, (I will use pic16f877a and pic18f)thank you
hi guys, I want to know about 'minimum external voltage references' that can be given to ADC.suppose i give external voltage references as " 0 V and 3.3 V " then a step size would be ( 3.3/1023 ) V rit???? thanks ........
Hello! BradTheRad Can I just interface DAC0808 to my pic18f4620 PORTD outputs and give the output of DAC to earphones? I'd be surprised if the DAC provides sufficient power to drive earphones. It's likely you'll need an audio amplifier. This can be made from an easy-to-use IC such as the LM386. There are
Hello!! everyone.. I am from India.. Had done graduation in Electronics and Communication last year and working in a company. I am basically doing all sorts of work like Circuit Designing, Firmware Writing, Documentation etc etc.. I am having the good knowledge of PIC Micro-Controller specially PIC16F and pic18f Series. Done some basic
Hello! I want to build a pic18f4620 based wave player with sd card to store the .wav files. I am going to program using mikroC pro. I want to know what is the method of working of such a player. Please give me step by step information on how the code. Thanks Jayanth D
There is a standard MIPI for RF front end solution. (RFFE). I am thinking to get this signal with microcontroller, but the controller I know is pic18f. I can write the command by modifying SPI with pic18f2550, but it seems it is difficult to make it work for read command. The MIPI master or slaver uses one pin for read and command bi-directionally,
Hi guys, I have problem with potentiometer on pic18f to measure angle position of motor. Can someone explain how the potentiometer works? I know I must read via ADC (I have the code), but what else?
pic18f4550 lcd interface 81009
Dear all, I am using pic18f4550 while using winPIC programmer for downloading, the thing is that I want to generate the clock and although this is the simplest thing just toggle the port I cannot do that. Also I tried to just glow the LED constantly, even then it is not glowing, instead it is lighting intermittently which is of course not pr
Hi, I want to use the ECCP PWM peripheral on a pic18f in half-bridge mode to produce an ouptu signal of 40kHz, 50% duty cycle, and I want to be able to switch this on and off so that I can produce bursts of a 40kHz carrier, with a fixed duration - i.e. have a function with "burst width" or "number of cycles" as a parameter to control it. Is ther
Hi, I have to do an application with pic18f4550 the aim of which is to turn on/off a LED connected to one of the PIC pins via a sms from a mobile phone. I saw on the forum that there are GSM modules that use USART interface for communication. Could you please suggest me one? Thank you in advance
Hi, Without seeing your code, its difficult to say whats the problem here .Anyway you can follow one of a method as shown in below, even though its belongs to pic18f with C18, make necessary changes to your PIC & compiler. Here the controller just enters to Interrupt when a first byte is recieved. After that its manually read the bytes . Also y
The following routine is a 10-bit X 10-bit assembly routine written by Martin Sturm for the pic18f series: ; Multiply 10bit by 10bit unsigned ; by Martin Sturm 2010 ; Tested over full range of 10bit input combinations ; ; a (10bit) = aH:aL (not modified) ; b (10bit) = bH:bL (not modified) ; aH:aL * bH:bL --> rH:
Hello All, If anybody has already worked on pic18f67J60 SPI kindly share the code. (I want to interface Ethernet, WIFI, EEPROM through SPI)
you can use a pic18f97J60 which has on board etherenet or some other microcontroler (PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC, PIC32) with a external ENC28j60 both work - full details on
Hi, I know this has been discussed before and i have read all of the posts and the data sheets but still cant seem to write to the Flash on a pic18f27J13, I am using the ICD3 to debug it and just cant see anything in flash memory after running it, I am erasing the blocks first etc and all registers appear to be working correctly but still no l
I have some code written that receives data from a pic18f UART, When i use the "gets" routine from the peripheral library it works fine but when i write my own for loop it wont work at all, Anyone any ideas?? Works perfectly gets2USART((char *)RxData,9); Wont Work for (ccount=0;ccount < 10; ccount++) {
using the internal EEPROM in the pic18f452, i saw that there is a limit to the read and write function (1 million times). My application requires extensive use of the EEPROM(saving and retrieving, data and time multiple times in a single hour) so much that this limit is so small. It will be over with in few days. While the device needs to keep w
Hi, I have a project where I want to control, speed and direction, of a 100W 36V brushed DC motor. It?s a wiper motor. I will use as inputs: STOP, RUN, REVERSE, security sensor and voltage speed reference by a potentiometer to a PIC16F or pic18f. My doubt is which driver IC to use for the motor? Since the ones that I have seen do not rece