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1. Which pic18f are you using ? 2. Does the Pins you have used for External interrupt sensing has ADC and Or Comparator functions ? 3. If yes, Have you disabled them ?
Hello guys I am new to pic micro controllers. I have a problem with it. I have written a very simple code to test the external its interrupts. I don't know why it doesn't work. could you please tell me, what I should do? this is block design of interrupt scheme of the micro controller: 133549 and this my code: [CODE
didnt get data in slave controller(pic18f) ,frequency 500khz Mode0 unsigned int soft_spi_Receive() { int i,data,counter=0; for (i=0;i<8;i++) { // set clock low SW_SCK_PIN=0; us_delay(2); // output bit if (SW_DIN_PIN & 0x80) { data+=1;
hi we are interfacing sim 300 with pic18f. ,using ccs compiler if i m sending at commands from microcontroller to modem , it is working perfect. we monitor via hyperterminal. but if i m checking for 'OK' after each at command, it receives only for 1st at command. here is my code void main() { char c; int8 i; for(i=0;i<10;i
don't forget also, to treat error flags inside receive interupt , wich can block the flow of data.. especially with pic18f Frame eror and Overrun error ..
well... two anyway. PIC16F have a single interrupt vector so if you want to prioritize interrupts you have to do it in software. pic18f series have two interrupt vectors although you can still use just one if you want. The high priority interrupt can itself interrupt the low priority one (...)
I am using pic18f4520 MCU I am try to implement interrupt on PORTB RB4:RB7 interrupt is works ok but RBIF is still 1 even RBIF=0 as per information on datasheet.. "The input pins (of RB<7:4>) are compared with the old value latched on the last read of PORTB" i did experiment on some condition to input like: 1) made high to low state (...)
Hi, Without seeing your code, its difficult to say whats the problem here .Anyway you can follow one of a method as shown in below, even though its belongs to pic18f with C18, make necessary changes to your PIC & compiler. Here the controller just enters to interrupt when a first byte is recieved. After that its manually read the bytes . Also y
hey friends i'm interfacing pic18f 4520 with gsm 300 and using mplab c18 compilre and trying to send and receive msg . i'm able to send message but the problem is that i can,t receive msg .i'm trying to monito the string +CMTI:"SM",1. whenever this string comes my uc goes into receive interrupt method and i'm storing this response in char array msg
Hey friends i have written a program in c for pic18f452..i have taken help from Muhammad Ali mazidis book of pic18f... In my program when i give an interrupt on pin INT0.. a delay of 15sec starts..after this i want pin RD1 to go that my relay works on the other end..
hi, the code i have written to handle timer0 interrupt .but isr is not executing ......what is problem in my code .the compile is Micro C compiler void timer_init(void); void interrupt (void) { INTCON.TMR0IF=0; TMR0L=0X00; INTCON.TMR0IE=1; T0CON.TMR0ON=1; } main() { timer_init();
I downloaded MicroChip's C18 last spring, used it to learn/familiarize self for pic18f programming in C. The time trial passed before I even learned what a function was.......but I plodded onward with the limited capabilities still available to me. Things were fine until........ I needed two interrupts! POOP happened!!! No matter what approach I
I have used msp430 and I found an interrupt vector table which in which different interrupts like adc, uart, int, tmr0 etc could be configured individually.. I mean its not a single ISR in which we check the flag using if else ... I am new to pic18f. Now I thought a similar setup will be there in pic18f. But (...)
Hi, I think I'm seeing my microcontroller behave in an unpredictable way, and I know I'm wrong because computers usually have a good reason to do what they're doing...but I still can't figure it out. I have configured the pic18f to interrupt on a logic transition at pin RB5. It does work, and inside the ISR I can perform logic tests such as "
Yes, you can use an external interrupt on the pic18f. USING THE PIC EXTERNAL interrupt AN566 Using the PORTB interrupt on Change as an External
I want to read the status or value of interrupting pulse when i use RB0 as interrupt input pin. I'm try to code rc5 decoding using pic18f4550 what is the solution ? please help me...
Hi, I need to create a precision timer for my pic18f13K50 application. I'm running it at 8MHz with the 4x PLL enabled, resulting in a 0.125us instruction clock. Are all PIC instructions single-clock? I'm building my delay routines around a Timer 0 set to 1:1 (no prescaler), so the timer clock period is also 0.125us. I tried counting to 8 achi
In pic there to levels of interrupt that is high priority(0x18) and low priority(0x08)..then if there 2 or more interrupt in these level then how will pic execute it..........i mean if the adc interrupt and timer interrupt and a external interrupt all are at one level suppose at high priority than how will (...)
You can pull it up to VDD of yuour chip and route the signal line to one of the interrupt pins on PORTB of ur pic18f chip
Hi, can anyone direct me how can i generate clock from pic18f , lets say i need output clock from one of the 18f pins , which registers can i use . ???