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1. Which pic18f are you using ? 2. Does the Pins you have used for External Interrupt sensing has ADC and Or Comparator functions ? 3. If yes, Have you disabled them ?
Hi, I am Trying to build a BLDC motor controller with the pic18f4431 MCU. My plan is to use the six step sensorless trapezoidal commutation. Complementary and unipolar PWM, to be precise. The reason I chose this is to use synchronous rectification instead of simplt using the MOSFET intrinsic diodes. This means that, at any given time, both MO
This project is a small bootloader and an uploader for the pic18f47K40/27K40. The Microchip pic18f47K40 is one of the newer pic18f microcontrollers with some nice features. Some of the existing PIC bootloaders didn't support it. The new bootloader uses the revised register names and pin configuration process of the 47K40. It (...)
Hello guys I am new to pic micro controllers. I have a problem with it. I have written a very simple code to test the external its interrupts. I don't know why it doesn't work. could you please tell me, what I should do? this is block design of interrupt scheme of the micro controller: 133549 and this my code: [CODE
The fastest speed you can get to transfer a block of data using a pic18f in SPI mode, is the clock speed divided by 4 then divided by 9 (using DMA mode) so 32Mhz is 0.88MB/s so a 512 bytes block will take 576uS
What is your financial budget? And you footprint budget on the PCB? And you current budget for the chip (although if this is a battery charger I assume the power source is big enough for both jobs)? Why are you looking at the pic18f devices? Not saying that there is anything wrong with this decision but it could provide useful information to let yo
didnt get data in slave controller(pic18f) ,frequency 500khz Mode0 unsigned int soft_spi_Receive() { int i,data,counter=0; for (i=0;i<8;i++) { // set clock low SW_SCK_PIN=0; us_delay(2); // output bit if (SW_DIN_PIN & 0x80) { data+=1;
Hello all... I am starting to learn the C programming language, and the book I am learning out of strictly uses the PIC18 series, and no PIC16 series. My previous experience has been coding in assembler on the PIC16's, so now I'm a little lost as to which PIC18's to get. If you could please, suggest a variety of chips, from small to large. Th
The document DS31028A page28-4 Figure 28-1 contains a diagram for connections of a "typical ICSP application circuit". It shows how ICSP is to be connected to a PIC. It shows connections for MCLRn/Vpp, VDD, VSS, RB6 and RB7. I have the following questions: (1) How are
Hello! Everyone! I am confused that how can i correctly calculate the value to be loaded on CCPR1L and CCP1CON register for PWM duty Cycle. I thought that for setting PWM there is 10-bit so i mapped 0-100% duty cycle with value 0-1023 and they are giving in-correct result. The formula for duty cycle is PWM Duty Cycle = (CCPRXL:CCPXCON<5:4>)
I am reading the datasheet of a pic18f with a EUSART. It has an optional 9th bit that be used in receiver and transmitter. ASCII characters fit in 7 bits and a byte is 8 bits. Why then would someone want to transmit 9 bits? It this was 16 bits it would make sense but 9 bits makes no sense at all. The hardware does not have any ability to calc
I am not familiar with either the pic18f14K50 or "C" however I am familiar with pic18f CPU'S and the PIC16F877A. I have found that the UART code for the PIC16F877A will work on all the pic18f CPU's that I have tried. I would suggest that your problem is probably due to the processor running at a different speed than you think that it is, (...)
I can't help with FRDM because I don't have a Compiler for that and I have not used that device. However I can help if you can use pic18f. From where can I buy FRDM k64f online. Shipping should be cheap or Free shipping. Also where can I get the free version of the compiler for it ? I will see if I can make a code for you.
as you have downloaded the code from ibrahim blog do not add any code of your own than check is it working or not? also check your proteus version may be you are using older than 8.0 Only Proteus 7.11 with the last service pack simulates the pic18f correctly.
You need to be very careful with the actual device you are using as there can be differences between them. However, in general for the pic18f devices, the "stack" is actually called the "return address stack" and that is the one that has 32 entries. In general the compiler DOES NOT push parameters onto this stack as it is NOT a general purpose sta
There is not a model for the pic18f97J60 for Proteus nor is there ever likely to be as it would be very expensive to produce. I hope that in the future that Labcenter will produce models for some of the newer processors, but I am not holding my breath. The best available pic18f processor in Proteus is the PIC18LF47J53 this maybe good enough to te
I am working on pic18f4550 microcontroller to generate PWM of diffferent duty cycle. In pic18f4550 timer2 is used for PWM. What is the use of prescaler and postscaler in timer2 for generating PWM?
Hello .... In many of industrial control boards have seen external microprocessor reset by detection of low voltage (below from some threshold voltage) that very good �� technique. I am using pic18f4520 microcontroller but I don't know �� how to configure brownout reset. Please any suggestion
You had not specified what exactly do you want to achieve as well the constraints. There are many pic18f-series based Dev Kits varying on amount of peripherals, MCU variants, and prices.
Hello, I'm facing a problem here. I have four 7-segment displays, 4 inches each. There are common cathode. I'm trying to connect them in a pic18f4550, but I'm failing in build a interface between the microcontroller and the displays (because the voltage level). Can someone help me?

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