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Hello, I don't know where the problem is?! I think my codes in C and assembly are OK. I have PICKIT3, PICKIT3 software, IPE, MPLAB X and MPLAB 8.91. The code complies OK & uploading the code with IPE and PICKIT3 software is OK too. The program hex code reads are same on both software. The PIC is not working at all. One thing I
How can it work? I have some objection points on it. In first we define a controller structure "#define " header file. It's mean where will found pin configuration. As a example pic18f4550 PORTB bit B1 is on pin no. 34. But pic18f2550 do'not have 34 pin numbers. You can see datasheet and will find that where is PORTD on pic18f2550. But
First of all MPLAB C18 will not work on Linux, i don't know how you are using that. I think you are using XC8 compiler from Microchip which is cross platform compiler, and supports mac, windows and linux. Compiling a code from command line is not complicated, just use the correct command, and the command for compiling the code is as follow:- C
Hi, i'm currently building a frequency counter and also to plot adc graph using pic18f4550 im using software on computer as a user interface. right now i'm having problem in interrupt routines. it seems not firing. this is my first time using timer and interrupt routine. i've searched through the web, and datasheet. seems i'm still missing
Hey there, I've been trying to interface a DHT11 sensor to a pic18f4550 and coding with xC8 compiler. Actually I've modified it from a website. I've successfully loaded a hex file into the MCU but the LCD only displays zero humidity and zero temperature. I've checked and my circuit has no problem. The DHT11 sensor is also working, I guessed the pro
Hello, I am trying to develop the USB interface with a pic18f4550 with the help of a EasyPIC6 Development Board. I am using MPLAB v8.56. After looking through the USB device example (HID Device Custom) on Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA), I could build the hex file successfully for my project. Then, I used mikroProg Suite to write th
The size of hex file which is to be burned in the pic18f4550 exceeds the inbuilt capacity of the IC i.e. my hex file code is around 50KB while the mcu has Rom of 32KB. I would like to know the options which i can do so that i can use the same IC .Please Help.
i am using pic 18f4550 pic controller and xc8 compiler. I need serial bootloader now for same pic.i have for pic 16f876a but not for 18f4550. and please provide tutorial for same. - - - Updated - - - i read the following link for
Hi everyone, I am doing a Temperature Monitoring System by using pic18f4550 with LCD Ampire 128x64. I use CCS C of MPLab plugin to compile the .hex file. And simulate on Proteus. My problem is : the display on Ampire 128x64 is unusual. Is there any configuration on Ampire need to done before simulate? I'm new to this. 103250[
I am desperately need someone's help to clear some doubts on MCU. I have got to read the hex file from pic18f4550 ( code unprotected) and write the same file into the another pic18f4550.if you could So would someone please suggest me how to start this work since I have zero knowledge on this. Also please mention all the (...)
hi, I am using a PICkit 2 to program my pic18f4550 controller,while am importing it nothing much is getting filled in location only the configuration is being inmported,i need ur using Hitech c compiler lite for my PIC please help someoner urgent..
I need to connect pic18f4550 to my PC through USB port. As this PIC is having dedicated USB port i need to make use of that. I loaded the boot-loader to the device. I used MCHPUSB.hex file. My device is connected to 20MHz crystal. I got the driver from" ". while the
I had downloaded the Microhip USB Framework, now its very complicated to understand. What i did is, Make a circuit Similar to PICDEMFS Board. And put the Precompiled hex file in the pic18f4550 and run there application, everything works fine.. Now i just copy and paste all the files to another location as shown on this site
1 yes but have a schematic and source hex for pic18f4550 based usb rs232 converter and it is possible tu use a sampe max232 for usb rs232 converter if i need only txt rxt and gnd pinout and what is the driver and schematic
I had also have same problem with PIC kit 2 ....where pic18f4550 was not getting detected and PIC18F2550 was able to get detected.....can any body gives any suggations for this...
Hi all, I am all new to microcontrollers. I have a dev kit with pic18f4550, The pic came with a boot loader which was invoked or started by pressing the buttons given on the board. The problem - It was given in the documentation that the pic mcu must have hs+pll, hs usb configuration for crystal / oscilator to work. So I have changed the oscilla
Hello all, I have a devl kit with pic18f4550. I am using programming the chip using the USB bootloader. The code given in the cd that came iwth the kit worked fine but its not working if i try to change the timing in the code. Bellow is the code that is working. A led is attached to the d1 and blinks. I am looking for a code which makes the d
Hi i am using MPLAB IDE + C18 Complier and try to interface USB with pic18f4550 through PC(Computer) i download this file and load MCU C:\MCHPFSUSB\fw\_factory_hex\picdemfsusb.hex. this hex file after program i listen desire voice but when i insert USB connector agai
As I know, people can make the hex written in pic18f4550 unreadable. I have a PICKIT3 by Microchip. How can I make it? thanks,
hi all, i am newbie to the world of pic .. have worked on avrs using bascom .. please i try to blink leds on my board .. i am using extreme burner from pic .. when i try to burn program it shows burn successfully .. i compile my program using mikrobasic pro .. i have tested the hex file using proteus and it works on proteus .. i dont know why it i