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Hi! I have a picstart plus 10-00379-R3 unit with a pic18f6720. I have verified that the comport is indeed working, but I cant enable the programmer. "Picstart programmer not found" I used my MPLAB ICD 3 to reprogram the firmwares found on this site, and the original included in the installation folder (size 70-80k??), but I still cant get it t
Hello all, I have Project header and source file for pic18f6720 and target board. I am using mplab and Hitech C compiler. For compiling i tried following method. On MPLAB IDE, 1) Project > Project Wizard >Device 18F6720>Hi-Tech PICC-18 Toolsuite > Picc-18 Compiler(picc18.exe) 2) Entered Project name and Project directory and added exis
Can any one post an schematic based on 18f6720 including ICSP programming connection? I want to use this IC with one of my upcoming project
Hello Guys, I have a fw that communicates via a serail port using this chip. Its working fine using proteus simulation using the pic18f6720 model. But on the actual board it wont work not even lighting a single led on an IO port. I further checked on the rails and it seems the voltage rails are OK and the internal 2.5V regulator is working fi
Hello guys, Why is it that my Timer3 is not working it wont fire any interrupt even if i configure it correctly T3CON = 0x38; T3CON.TMR3ON = 1; // Interrupts are enabled. together with PIE3.TMR3IE = 1; then my interrupt code is if (INTF_MISC_TIMER == TRUE) { // Clear Interrupt Flag TIMER_MISC = OFF;
Hello, Anybody explain why the external clock connected to T1OSO and T1OSI pins (RC0 and RC1 pins) cannot function even if I configure TIMER1 timer T1CON correctly. My T1CON = 0x3F; and Timer1 registers will not increment. But if I use FOSC/4 as a time base, clearing T1CON.TMR1CS = 0, TIMER1 would be OK (but of course not teh correct timin
I have a preocupation, I hace a picstart plus with flash upgrade module, for a simple power interruption, the pic18f6720 was erased !!!! If succeded this phenomeno in an industrial application can you immaginate the conseguence ??? there are the way for ensure the use of flash PIC ??
Hello, I am trying to program a pic18f6720 using epicwin software programmer but it is impossible to program a source code compiled by mplab 6 becase de hex file is generated in intel 32 format and i think that epicwin does no support this format. I have been seeing that my solution will be to use warp-13 programmer. Has anyone the schema of this
Just an update from my previous message about the PIC18Fxx20 family. I just got a new Processor Module for the ICE2000 and it seems to work fine with the pic18f6720. So far, no problems... We'll see how the ICD2 thing goes in a week or two. Stallion