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There is not a model for the pic18f97j60 for Proteus nor is there ever likely to be as it would be very expensive to produce. I hope that in the future that Labcenter will produce models for some of the newer processors, but I am not holding my breath. The best available PIC18F processor in Proteus is the PIC18LF47J53 this maybe good enough to te
Hello , I'm Working on Industrial Project based on PIC18F series micro-controller. I'm using TQFP packaging pic18f97j60 controller. In this project i used some modules such as PWM for AC motor control . LCD , 4x4 Keypad , I2C for external EEPROM , L297-L298 and TIP122 for relays & Solenoids of 24v DC I'm using two Omron +24VDC 4 A ( For micron
hi , I am using TCP ip stack provided by microchip, I am using the pic net demo 2 board. When I send any string from the uart I receive 00 at strat of the string Here is what i get when I send "New IP Address: " I would receive "New IP Address: " on the terminal. Here is the part where Uart is initialized. // Configure USART T
we have had pic18f97j60 devices with 10bastT with TCP/IP stack in an industrial environment for many years no problem apart from EEPROMs dying - we think the original specification was wrong and they were saving much more data than we were told replaced with FRAM and are now OK this is a legacy product and we would not use PIC18s now - would use
if you have wired 10baseT you can connect to many embedded systems, e.g. Microchip there is the pic18f97j60 with onboard 10baseT or PIC32s with onbard 10/100baseT or PIC24/dsPIC with an external Ethernet transceiver such as the ENC28J60
Do you mean Ethernet to serial device? All major manufacturers have controllers that can do the job, e.g. Microchip pic18f97j60, ARM based processors from ST and others. Most vendors have application notes, software IP stacks, development boards to get started as well. You could even buy off-the-shelf Ethernet to serial modules
Its clear that you do have a pic18f97j60 Ethernet/Webserver Board . Give little more details. See here pic18f97j60 Ethernet/Webserver Board
Hi folks, I am using a microchip pic18f97j60 along with a 13bit MCP3301 A2D which I have connected up to my PICs SPI port, I am sure that the hardware wiring is correct, the input to this A2D is in the form of two unity gain OP amps which are outputting well within the range of the A2D. Whenever I read the A2D I keep getting strange values, eithe
Hello, I need to write PIC program for getting 0-10 v analog output(spec is in the title)... The problem is I cannot send 18 bits from MCU.. Please provide me with your suggestios..Or Send me a program that would be udeful to me.. Thanks in advance
I am using PIC 18 series(8 BIT) micro controller in my project. We are interfacing this microcontroller with DAC-AD5781(18 BIT). I don't know how to write the coding for this (in C language). Can you please help me with coding. Protocol: SPI DAC output: 0V to 10V
hi, We are trying to interface a 4.3" tft lcd module with touch panel , microSD and Ethernet to a pic micro-controller. the micro-controller is pic18f97j60 and the LCD driver is SSD1963. We are designed that, but i want to display my pcb project to you for debugging that. Industrial Design is my target. In this file is schematic
My code is working properly except in the transmission of green code. I have placed the authorised ID tag code in ucCharBuff to ucCharBuff and green code to be transmitted to rfid for 4 cycles in ucCharBuff to ucCharBuff. Whenever authorised card is exposed the green code has to be transmitted and the door has to be opened. Everything
Whenever i dump a code in PIC board the code works good for certain instants but the code after few minutes doesn't work properly. Is there any problem with my code or with the development board? my code is to turn on an led whenever a digital input is obtained. CODE: #include #include #include
Hi all, Am able to get a digital input at D_IN1. I am trying to check this using an LED at PORTJ. So what i do here is whenever the corresponding LED of D_IN1 goes high i should make an LED glow. My LED that corresponds to D_IN1 is glowing but the condition that is use to make PORTJ LED is not working. Can anyone correct my error here? [synta
I have interfaced my PIC with RFID. I have to switch off the rfid whenever a valid ID tag is exposed. I have done everything right. But my program works only on certain power on's properly. Or sometimes it stops working in the middle of checking. I mean saying that it stops working when u expose the card more than 5 to 10 times. Or if i switch off
Hi everybody, I'm new to PIC microcontroller and embedded webserver. I had designed "my hardware" using pic18f97j60 to implement Microchip TCP/IP. This is my hardware schematic: 83689 I also read about Microchip TCP/IP, but I could not understand it clearly. I have modified the "TCPIP Demo APP" for PICDEM2 in Microchip a
you can use a pic18f97j60 which has on board etherenet or some other microcontroler (PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC, PIC32) with a external ENC28j60 both work - full details on
Hello all! First of all, this is my first post, and i've got to say that i'm a newbie in the electronic world :D I'm doing a project based on a PIC 18F97J60 microcontroller and a CS5463 Energy IC. I want to connect the power ic with the microcontroller via SPI and see the current, power and voltage passing in a wire (basically i want to bu
hi all, i am new in PIC microcontrollers and i need to make a project which makes use of pic18f97j60. the project is about i need to input some data in my laptop and the data must be sent to ethernet and then output will be displayed by leds. do you have some ideas on how to do this? i am new in this topic and i was looking on the internet and
Hello, I need help for image.JPG chowing in pic18f97j60 created web page. My project looks like this: And I want put basket.jpg in web page. I was thinking it works like this \"basket\"