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You mean picbasic compiler, not MikroC?
I checked your hardware wiring and I think it should work. I load the .hex file and I am getting a vertical line of 5 dots in the centre of the display. I try to open the picbasic files but I dont have mikrobasic compiler so it cant be opened. I have pbp but the program listing doesnt help at all, all the procedure details are not shown. I a
Thanks,..Then I will stick with 16f877 I used keil for 8051 for pic ?? mikroC is a very popular compiler. There's a free version available as well. There are other compilers available, such as Hi-Tech C, mikroBASIC, picbasic, etc. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
hi friends i want read rms value of ac 5v 50hz on adc pin of 16f72 micro , i have protonplus compiler. how i do this ,plz help me.
Hi, the picbasic Pro compiler has built-in commands that generate DTMF tones; makes your coding real easy. Look upo their site, they even have a demo version that can compile small programs for free. Welcome to microEngineering Labs
Hi I suggest that start with a BASIC compiler such as picbasic PRO BR
Hi, I can provide codes with LM35 for 0 to 150'C with LM35 using mikroBASIC and either PIC/AVR. I don't use picbasic, but if you can use mikroBASIC, I can help with the code and circuit diagram.
You can find some threads which were discussed the same by going through "Similar Threads" the LM34 Temperature Sensor With The picbasic compiler
anybody know how to convert it in to C source code..?....49060 when i used picbasic compiler and open it and copy the source code to PIC C compiler they have some error occurred maybe because the program language is different... please help me...for this...:?:
check on proton picbasic forum,many example,very easy.
Assalamo Alaikom, how are doin buddy, I've used before a Prog. called PROTON --unfortunately I don't have it now--, it is a picbasic compiler, its very easy to do such a job using it, If u've got the compiler just search the help for Keypad. Any way, I assure u that this mission is so easy, with little effort u will get what u want. (...)
hi every one can any one help me with this... plzzzzzzzz i use Pic16F628 for a senior project and i want to know how to write a code for store 2 dimensional array and how to compare two regular array ?? i use pro picbasic . thanks in advance :)
MAYBE WHAT YOU NEED IS PROTEUS VSM is a simulation SUITE like no other ! It allows to design and simulate analog and Microprocessor systems
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reading the compiler manual I can't find any instruction for reading the entire port (for example reading the 8 bits of portb from b0 to b7)) at same time. In picbasic I made that with peek command to read the entire byte, but in C I only find input pin comma
Hello I need som help with this program. It should work like this: when power on, GPIO.2 is high. When apply HI on GPIO.0, after 3 sec GPIO.2 should be low. Config is mclr=off, pwrt=on, wdte=on,boren=on, int OSC I/O. I'm using Microcode studio with picbasic Pro compiler Here is the code CMCON=7 ul var GPIO.0 'Define GPIO.0 p
hello picbasic 4 canal termo meter
Hi Omid, First off OUTPUT is a reserved word and can't be used like you are using it. Second, GPIO.3 is an input only pin. You might want to goto for additional assistance. HTH, BobK
Gee, if you have the picbasic Pro program, then you must have the manual that came with the program. I do believe the manual covers the subject as this program was designed to cross you over from BS2's to PICs directly. BobK
HI every one iv got a problem with my codes,but only for pic16f877.!! Same codes work fine in 16f84a. I 'dont undestand WHY 'SERIN' command doesn't work with 877. i bought differnt 877 , 'SEROUT' command works fine, but 'SERIN' not! where do i make wrong? PLEASE HELP ME! these are the codes. ----------------------------------------------