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Check the datasheet and the firmware user manuals.Also,go through this as
Annna, Find yourself a copy of Jan Axelson's excellent book, usb Complete. This should be a good place to start, and as a bonus, it covers both C and picbasic Pro. Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research If money is more plentiful than time, then conside HIDmaker FS. This suite will write the code for you
A good starting point is Jan Axelson's book usb Complete. She covers usb-capable PIC parts as well as gives code examples (C and picbasic Pro on the microcontroller side, and VB and VC# on the PC side). If ordering it, be sure to get the latest 4th edition.
Hello, I'm trying to build a ICD2 clone ( but without CMS chips, please...) but there are so many to choose from ... I found : ( RS-232 easy to find components,...) ( usb) Is that usb version really a lot faster than the usb version ????
Hello If I were you I would use picbasic Pro compiler, as they have taken care of usb communications. Just a suggestion :)