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A pickit 2 clone with fulfill your requirements. If purchases from eBay are possible, pickit 2 clones are available in the $5 to $20 range. The PC side interface is USB, so you can use it with your laptop and provides programming, reading and in-circuit debugging
pickit 2 programmer
Buy a pickit 2 or 3, either original or ebay-clone. It will work much better and more reliably than any diy-programmer. And in contrast to other microcontroller manufacturers' interfaces pickit is very affordable for hobbyist.
hi all, i am sharing the pickit2 clone programmer here Do not share atricles which are freely available on the net. Here is the original page of the project in Spanish. .::PALMA::.: pickit 2 Clone Zocalo ZIF Download project in Zif: [url=
Hi, If you have programmed something else with the pickit into the 877 then it sounds like a fault in the larger program. If you post the .hex file here then I could try programming into my chips to prove the point. Is your programmmer a genuine Microchip Pk2 or a diy clone ?
Build a pickit 2 if you want simplicity.
You can build or buy a pickit 2 instead in a much lower cost, smaller in size and better performance. Here is some link for diy users: Here is the Microchip web:
pickit2 diy Print Circuit board PCB board Cost only US$5; Component kits are also available.. Major features: Fully compatible with microchip MPLAB IDE Full speed USB Enhanced additional power supply for 100 mA Support full mic
Take a look at Microchips pickit 2, it is very affordable, you can download the schematic and the firmware, even the source code for the windows program.