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A pickit 2 clone with fulfill your requirements. If purchases from eBay are possible, pickit 2 clones are available in the $5 to $20 range. The PC side interface is USB, so you can use it with your laptop and provides programming, reading and in-circuit debugging
What circuit you use for pickit 2 for diy or you buy from Microchip ? Programmer works earlier fine ?
Buy a pickit 2 or 3, either original or ebay-clone. It will work much better and more reliably than any diy-programmer. And in contrast to other microcontroller manufacturers' interfaces pickit is very affordable for
hi all, i am sharing the pickit2 clone programmer here Do not share atricles which are freely available on the net. Here is the original page of the project in Spanish. .::PALMA::.: pickit 2 Clone Zocalo ZIF Download project in Zif: [url=
Hi, If you have programmed something else with the pickit into the 877 then it sounds like a fault in the larger program. If you post the .hex file here then I could try programming into my chips to prove the point. Is your programmmer a genuine Microchip Pk2 or a diy clone ?
Build a pickit 2 if you want simplicity.
You can build or buy a pickit 2 instead in a much lower cost, smaller in size and better performance. Here is some link for diy users: Here is the Microchip web:
Hi, Can any one tell me what is the standard ISP/ICSP connector and configuration recommended by microchip? As I noticed that the connector in above pickit2 LITE version is differ from EPIC programmer! Also please conform me that the VDD from pickit2 LITE SE is through transistor, will it provide the voltage only during programming or all th
Take a look at Microchips pickit 2, it is very affordable, you can download the schematic and the firmware, even the source code for the windows program.