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The fact that you can program the pic18f4550 means that the pickit2 is working, you get 00 as the return id this can be caused by a disconnection between the pickit2 wires and the picf81677a (wiring error) or a faulty pic16f877a, another reason could be if you have any devices or capacitors or resistors connected to the mclr ,programing (...)
Hi, am now trying to begin with PIC18f4550..the Problem i think is with LATA.F1,LATA.F2,LATA.F3..i dont know is this way of Port addressing is true i have seen it from many other example codes..Since i din find any Port addressing in DATA sheet..and one more thing is am using Hi tech c compiler and pickit2 to Program onlu two location is only be
hi all when i make pickit2 there are master chip and it is 18f2550....and i have to install the firmware in it...the problem is that i,m do't have this chip but i have if there is someone can tell me what firmware i have to install into 18f4550 to work as master chip...and thanx
Hello I've recently bought myself a pickit2 to use instead of my previous Velleman VM134 and it seems to work fine, had no problems writing to any of my PIC16F. But when it comes to the PIC18f4550 my only of the P18F family that I own, then I'll have to write several times to make the darn thing programmed?? When I use the programming softwar
Hi, Just an opinion, but the old icd2 is a complicated device compared to the pickit2 diy clones that you can build very easily and cheaply, as often shown in this forum. Search for pickit2 Lite Although the plans show the pickit2 using a 2550 chip, as I have proved, you can use the 4550 instead, just program in the 2550 code from (...)
I can read from the PIC microcontroller using pickit2 ( read the HEX files) but I cannot write to the target board, Can someone help me find out what's wrong? Best Regards to you all
I own the Sure Electronics ICD2 and would appreciate it if someone would post the firmware for both the 16F877A and the 18f4550 MCUs. I have a pickit2 which I can use to fix the ICD2. Thanks in advance. Forgive me if this is a repost but I tried the search function and the resulting hits were overwhelming. I browsed for an hour but found little
Try to contruct a pickit2 colne or Junebug which are basically programmers for PIC devices which are also associated with 18F2550 with USB connections. Good luck.