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hi . i have a simple question is pickit2 clone working on windows 10 ?
According to the data sheet, all PORTB pins are 5V tolerant so you shouldn't damage the device but whether or not it will program correctly with the signals above VDD isn't made clear. This is a good example of reasons not to use clone programmers! The real pickit2 has programmable voltages. Brian.
I have a pickit2 clone. I am trying to interface LCD with PIC16F876A. As seen in most of the examples, I grounded the RW. When I used MPLAB HITECH C first , no matter what I did it didn't work. Only showing square black blocks on the first row. Then I tried mikroe C for pic. It worked fine - Great.. but the code crashed most of the time an
111537 Hi, i am trying to making pickit2 clone. ... i have made hardware .. no problem of hardware.. many people has made it and it is working successfully.. but for making it we need to program PIC18F2550 first ... please tell me how to configure in top 2005 or top 2006 universal Programmer Fuse bit of pic18f2550 fo
Hello. I am using the pic along with mikroC and pickit2 software. I get an error every time i try to write into the controller. 111117
Hi, If you search this forum with " pickit2 clone vpp error " you will find a good few entries that might have some useful information The pickit2 clone is a well used circuit and using Microchips proven software means any problems will most likely be down to the components and build quality. Also , how well proven (...)
Here is my simplified and tested pickit2 schematic with pcb in pdf format working fine for me. - - - Updated - - - gerbers can be posted here if any body intrested.
Hi, some times ago i made by myself a diy pickit2 clone which i found on talking electronics web site.i used to program pic16f628a and pic16f54 without any problem now.but last week i decide to program pic12f508 and pic16f57 and blank ic's are programmed without any problem.but when i tried to erase after device not erasing at all(when press blank
Hi, pickit2 firmware does work under W8.0, 8.1 and 8.1.1 32bit , so no fault there. Your diagram looks ok though I cannot make out the value of the resistor pulling up Mclre . Assume you mean the Pk2 is not detecting the 18f2550 chip. Have you got the Pk2 screen set to Auto Detect ? Have you tried Manually selecting the chip ? Ho
If you need an ICSP circuit (a programmer) for a PIC18 device, i suggest you create your own pickit2 clone and not some severely-limited serial port-based programmer. pickit2, both the original and clone versions, are supported in MPLAB. This will make PIC programming so much easier.
Hi, I have built a pickit2 clone exactly like the MICROCHIP schematic but with a mix of through holes and SMD components ans without EEPROMs. When I start pickit2 v2.61, I have a VDD voltage level error but after the hardware is reconized and connected. Then I start the Troubleshoot menu : Step 1 Verify VDD Click on TEST give (...)
Dear Friends, Recently I bought pickit2 programmer with software pickit2 v2.61.00 & 10 number of PIC12F508 ICs. I tried to program these ICs but when I read device I got invalid OSCCAL value. I tried to set it with manual option but i don't know correct value. I also tried to auto regenerate but error message blinks "Regenerating OSCCAL fai
if money problem go for pickit2 clone otherwise genuine pickit3
i think that you have o burn firmware for pickit2 again bcoz as betwixt also told and if your hardware correct then this part conly controls the controller. and download pickit2 firmware from Microchip website.
This drawing was done in Cadsoft Eagle!!! This is a pickit2 clone!!! Export gerber in Eagle and Import into Orcad to get the footprint, or just create your own footprint!!!
Hi, If you search this forum you will find many pages for a simple diy pickit2 clone, many with pcb designs. You need to program a chip for the Pk2 and again there are many crude programmers detailed, however have not seen one to work from a vga port ? Perhaps you might be able to use a cheap usb to serial converter cable to make a jdm programmer
I have a homemade clone of pickit2 with schematic 86935 Can this clone program 3V3 pics (eg. dspic33fj64gp804)?
is a clone of pickit2 programmer which can be home made in every electronic workshop. Before you create such a clone, it is good to get familiar with specification and features of this programmer. The program is based on: LINK , P
i am trying my first project in PIC16f84A LED flasher. it doesn't flash in simulation it's ok.why? my programmer is also good condition. TO CHECK MY PROGRAMMER I USED THIS CODE void main() { trisb=0x00;trisa=0x00; portb=0x00;porta=0x00; do { portb=~portb; delay_ms(5); }while(1); } IT'S WORKING.. MY
You can easily build a pickit2 clone. Search for pickit2 clone on the forum and you'll get loads of information.
I would recommend getting a pickit2 by paying a little bit more. However, if cost is still prohibitive, you should get a pickit2 "clone", like the one you showed. Considering that making a reliable pickit2 "clone" on your own isn't really too difficult, the iCA01 kit shouldn't be bad, although I can't (...)
thanx i have checked but i cant afford this as according to budget . so plz help me in pickit2.
You could try to build a pickit2 clone. You can get many schematics if you search this forum or on Google.
dear all the problem i am facing is that what ever i try to connect with my PB.6 PB.7 pins it is not working. the program and all other part and files are good working flawlessly, even the same(PB.6 PB.7 pins) is working while using a different programmer.what would be the problem/solution for this? i know these two two pins are used for program
Hi. I cannot debug the following code with my pickit2 clone: #include "p18F4620.h" #include #include #include //Libreria para conversiones. #include //#include //#include #pragma config XINST=OFF #pragma config OSC=XT #pragma romdata Tabla_Display
Hi everyone. Finally I was able to finish the clone. I based mine on this design: I've attached my design with a few modifications, which have been discussed in this forum, on my previous thread. Also attached is the PCB layout I created from scratch, using Proteus ISIS and ARES. My
Dear All most of times my pickit2 clone comes this message when I (blank check) then I used my serial programmer and erased using it and re erased using pickit2 clone then it will be success please advice Hi, Normally you do not need to Blank check or Erase a chip, when you Write it automatically does all
Hi, It looks so much like a pickit2 clone, though its hard to know if its programmed with Microchips software. I would connect it up to your PC and see if its recognised in MPlab, Programmer drop down menu. You do not have to connect up a target chip, just plug it into the usb port and select 'programmer - PK2' If it sees it ok you shou
Standalone pickit2 clone with EEPROMs (can program without PC)
I have recently made a pickit2 clone programmer on bread borad from the following link Microchip PICKIT 2 clone - Schematic+PCB (PROTEUS) - Sonsivri I program the uC from pickit2 from some institute, when i attectched the programmer to USB some time it says "USB doe
Dear all, I wrote a program for interrupt. so it is working well for my demo board but when I debug the program using my pickit2 clone it does not interrupt please advice status equ 0x03 portb equ 0x06 trisb equ 0x86 portc equ 0x07 trisc equ 0x87 portd equ 0x08 trisd equ 0x88 option_reg equ 0x81 intcon equ 0x0b
Try with this to rectify the problem. this is design by myself and tested PA3040 can you please share your pickit2 clone schematic regards Fragrance
poorchava Re: potyo2 icd2 clone components Hi, Have to ask why you are trying to build the more complex ICD2 when the pickit2 clones are so much easier and will do almost the same thing. The pickit2 clone is detailed many times in this forum and works well. Apart from a 680uh choke (...)
prooven to work pic kit 2 clone, works for 5v AND 3v pics... pickit2 clone 5V/3.3V | regards,
Hi, If you are not in the mood for making a Pickit clone why would you want to mess around with a jdm ? If you can get a pic18f2550 programmed up you can easily build a basic pickit2 clone for just a few dollars. It programs 5v chips fine, for 3v3 chips like the Pic24s then simply run the whole Pk2 circuit via a 3v3 regulator , it (...)
Cant I use any RS232 level converters like MAx232 etc to get a real RS232 level voltage and interface by the USB to serial adapter? No, Cause the usb to serial converter have latency which affects the programming. I suggest to buy a usb programmer. I would be happy if you try DIY pickit2 clone as you seems to be inte
I would suggest you to make a pickit2 clone that too on a pcb etched at home (I made one have a look at Pickit 2 clone in india ), its a lot easy to fabricate and trouble shoot, however you do need a working programmer to program 18F2550 first time, If you insist on JDM, I would suggest Multi Pic Programmer Schemati
Hi, Think your only realistic choice is the pickit2 clone / firmware - plenty of posts about them on this forum.
I looked into several pickit2 clones, but I couldn't figure out why some people people omitted the whole VDD_TGT_ADJ/VDD_TGT_N/VDD_TGT_P parts in their clones. The problem is, I cannot really understand what those pins (pin 13, 24, 25) mean and what they are doing in the circuit. So, can anyone help me understanding what these parts are (...)
Hi, Just search on ' pickit2 lite ' or 'pickit2 clone ' There are loads around, some with pcb and some with details of how the make a cheapo programmer to burn the pic18F2550 chip needed to run the programmer. This circuit diagram is well proven and can act as a reference when checking others out.
Can any one tell will this project work for The pickit2 clone I have found this on a web site I have all the PCB and the Schematics for The pickit2 clone
how high is the voltage on C3? I mean in this scheme. look olso at MCU Hobby - Articles: Building a pickit2 clone
DIY pickit2 clone problems Hello everyone. I`m a just Pickit-beginner. I actually built DIY pickit2 clone as followed a circuit schematic on Programming PIC18F And I also built JDM2 programmer due to an egg-chick problem on that clone, source from
Hello all I have this clone pickit2 programmer. It's just 5V, but I need to programme PIC33FJ64GP802, which need there any chance to programme this pic using ICSP and Simple 5V to 3.3V level converter....*? Many thanks
Hi friend for In Circuit Serial Programmer, You can use JDM Programmer or pickit2 clone Programmer. both are possible to make by your self . google internet for schematic and other information for it. Good Luck Shyam
hi all, i am sharing the pickit2 clone programmer here Do not share atricles which are freely available on the net. Here is the original page of the project in Spanish. .::PALMA::.: PICKit 2 clone Zocalo ZIF Download project in Zif: [url=
Yes, For example pickit2 clone was built around PIC18f2550
Hi, Here's a "full-featured" pickit2 clone: ElectronicsADvices: Sarin sukumar A:- Full featured pickit2 clone. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
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Better try pickit2 programmer