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Hi. I start playing with PIC12F683. I mad a simple blinker(see schematics)115683 With my code (see below) when VCC is coming from pickit2 its wotking fine. When my power come from external 12v my led is always ON. Please advice. What is wrong in my schematics. /**********************************************
Here is my simplified and tested pickit2 schematic with pcb in pdf format working fine for me. - - - Updated - - - gerbers can be posted here if any body intrested.
Hi, I have built a pickit2 clone exactly like the MICROCHIP schematic but with a mix of through holes and SMD components ans without EEPROMs. When I start pickit2 v2.61, I have a VDD voltage level error but after the hardware is reconized and connected. Then I start the Troubleshoot menu : Step 1 Verify VDD Click on TEST give (...)
Hi All, I'm having problems with programming PIC12f675 using pickit2. If I check the communication using Tools>Check Communication it says that the pickit2 and the device is found, however, once I try to use blank check, it says that there is no device found. Any advice? Thank you so much! :)
I have a homemade clone of pickit2 with schematic 86935 Can this clone program 3V3 pics (eg. dspic33fj64gp804)?
Hi, Just search this forum, many ,many diy designs from a full copy to a minimalist one. The firmware is Microchips and free from their pickit2 page. Be aware you need a programmer to program the Pk2 2550, again many diy plans around for a cheapo programmer to do this. See this page from earlier today
Hello Everyone, I know there is a lot of schematics on google but i wanted to be sure which one is working. A design that is personally tested by you guys. I really appreciate your help ^_^ Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Abbey
why do we need EEPROM?? You should first understand concept and what are you doing. You start to build pickit2 with EEPROM which can be used for programming without PC. Try to read text of project what are you making.
i had lots of problems with pickit2. that doesnt work propelry. ---------- Post added at 10:39 ---------- Previous post was at 10:39 ---------- i need to program only the PIC ---------- Post added at 10:40 ---------- Previous post was at 10:39 ---------- i need serial
Hi, If you have the pickit2 V2.61 program running first check that the MANUAL DEVICE SELECT is turned off. If no effect then go into the TOOLS menu and follow the TROUBLESHOOT tests. Have you got any other pic chips to try ?
Hello, My (pickit2 + training board) use pic16f84a. Can someone help me with the some guide and schematic that will help in building this circuit. My training board consists of the following board: -LED Board(8bit output) -Switch Board(consists of 8 tack switch) -Seven Segment Module(Single Seven Segment) -Sensor Module -LCD module -Rela
I have recently made a pickit2 clone programmer on bread borad from the following link Microchip PICKIT 2 Clone - schematic+PCB (PROTEUS) - Sonsivri I program the uC from pickit2 from some institute, when i attectched the programmer to USB some time it says "USB doe
Try with this to rectify the problem. this is design by myself and tested PA3040 can you please share your pickit2 clone schematic regards Fragrance
prooven to work pic kit 2 clone, works for 5v AND 3v pics... pickit2 Clone 5V/3.3V | regards,
The one from pickit2 datasheet is the best
hi can anyone tell me how does pickit2 outputs the variable vdd voltage as we select from the software programmer? i want to make a similar kind of voltage regulator which can be configured using usb/serial communication. thanks
Hi, Just search on ' pickit2 lite ' or 'pickit2 clone ' There are loads around, some with pcb and some with details of how the make a cheapo programmer to burn the pic18F2550 chip needed to run the programmer. This circuit diagram is well proven and can act as a reference when checking others out.
Can any one tell will this project work for The pickit2 clone I have found this on a web site I have all the PCB and the schematics for The pickit2 clone
Hi friend for In Circuit Serial Programmer, You can use JDM Programmer or pickit2 clone Programmer. both are possible to make by your self . google internet for schematic and other information for it. Good Luck Shyam
Better try pickit2 programmer
You may use this schematic for adding a Zif socket with a pickit2 or Clones. Cheers
Will the schematic of pickit2 lite given by Blueroom will work for both 5 and 3.3volt devices or we need a separte section which switches between the two? In pickit2, is this voltage selection done by the firmware or manually?
make a search for pickit2 clone on this board. you will get some that works on 3.3v they dont work directly in mikropascal, but you can program the hex file generated by mikropascal, using the free mplab from microchip.
The best route to follow is to buy a pickit2 and develop from mplab. Its not everyone's favourite but it works and has a good help system. The alternative is to get a schematic for the pickit and build it yourself but if it fails to work you will not know where the problem lies. Old programmers like the JDM also work but serial ports are getting
go for pickit2 / PicKit3 suggestion but i have never tried
The pickit2
I made a compilation of data needed to create functioning pickit2, which was tested with: PIC16F84A PIC16F628 PIC16F628A PIC16F88 PIC16F876 PIC16F876A PIC16F877A PIC18F2550 PIC18F4550 You'll find attachmen, which contains 4 subfolders: main: 1,2,3,4(.mht), where building and parts of scheme are described and pickit2.mht which
Dear Friend, you are sitting before a pile of PIC programmers schematics. You can find a lot of USB PIC programmers like GTP-USB lite, Brenner, pickit2, Junebug etc etc in this forum itself. Just search for it. To name a few, . Goodluck.
For the actual functions, the pickit2 does not need the 24LC512 memories as they do not have utility yet. I built the pickit2 without the eeproms and it works. In the future may have a function of store hex files or OS for itself.
Hello you I need de schematic pickit2 v2 in Eagle 4? thanks simplicio
Hi, Try pickit2, it can program dsPIC33FJ12MC202, maybe some future upgrade will add debug function, and it is very cheap...
Buy a pickit2 from Microchip. It will cost you less than to build one yourself (?24). Then you can program and debug a large range of Pic chips. You can also download the schematic and firmware from Microchip. ICP is In Circuit Programming!
Have a look at the pickit2 on Microchip. It is very cheap. You can find schematics, firmware and software, source code for the whole thing on Microchip.
buy a pickit2 from microchip or build one of these
HI there... There is a PIC programmer called pickit2 V1.20. This programmer is USB based and it is made available free from MIcrochip. They have everything on there site including User Guide, schematic files, programming software and Hex files... This programmer is based on PIC18F2550 microcontroller. for details visit htt