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Soemthing like this:
this is an analog pid controller circuit. 1. Can I just connect inverting and pid controller using a wire? 2. How output from controller can be connected to DC DC power converter? I appreciate if you provide links where there is explanation about my problem especially on this particular circuit.
can anyone send me the ckt for this pls .i need analog pid controller for speed control of dc motor .i think it would have op amps
Position control process has already integrating behaviour, thus a PD controller seems more suitable than a pid. Apart from that, your report sounds like wind-up effect. You have to stop integral action at maximum motor speed.
Hi all, i try build analog pid controller using opamp, after finished i test it. when input pid is 0V why the output become 10 volt? how to check if my pid it's work? is there any metode to tuning pid? plese give me some reference? thanks PS: i test the plant and it works well. Regards elits