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hi friend i am expert in micrcontrollers now i want to apply my knowledge in control system , like pid controllers etc. please suggest me a good guide(book , tutorial etc)
Time discrete pid implementation can be done by applying z-transformation, or in other words converting the continuous differential equations to difference equation. You'll find tables of equavalent z-domain pid parameters in any digital control text book, here's the basic concept
Hi All I'm Looking for good book which explain all Motion control principles , From understanding the Motor Parameters until building pid controller for Motor Can you please recommend good book , which can make good start (any projects in this field , or any documentation) I know searching google , I will find lots of things , (...)
I couldn't determine the pid parameters for DC motor speed controlWhy? You didn't mention a problem.
hi i have started a project on self balancing of plate mounted inverted pendulum mean a pendulum would be directly attached with the motor shaft through plate or pulley. we have to use a digital pid controller but i dont know how to design a digital pid although i have a bit knowledge of analogue pid and i also wanna know abt any gud (...)
I Have to design an Electric Heater with pid Heat control System on PIC please help me about this if someone has done before please share I am confused about mathematical model and its solution to be used with PIC i am using hi-tech PICC compiler Please Help in this regard.
there's a lot of paper or book about pid, Modern Control Engineering, Katsuhiko Ogata is one sample of the good books about it pid implementation in industry..
hello I'm new here and I'd like to ask about automatic motor drivers and pid controls. I mean, where I should start? Are there any manuals or topics about those here in EDAboard? Thanks.
Hi there is nice book for pid Microcontroller Based Temperature Monitoring and Control Dogan Ibrahim
Every body. I really need "Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems (Paperback)" book. I heard it was in but it was moved. Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssss. mail:
try this link pl
The Zeigler Nichols has 2 methods for pid tuning, one is step response and the another is frequency response.
Anyone has a good tutorial on pid control engineering? I want to have some experiments I can do to learn pid controlling. I also want to learn simulate P , I and D controls in LabVIEW! Thanks for your help!
Very good tutorial regarding PI or pid controller. If you have matlab, you can follow the examples in the site.
7rots51 wrote "The attached file is the pid code in p0nt book about pid ,I tested it and works nice. " What is p0nt book ?
Any one with Bascom pid sample here ? Thanks :?
This file talks about TuningOfFuzzypidControllers.