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hi all i'm new in microcontrollers field i want some one to tell me about where can i find tutorials about microcontrollers BASED pid DIGITAL CONTROL USING C PROGRAMMING...thankyou in advance Here are some examples that might be useful to
here i am sending you another paper, it will give you an idea of pid applied on microcontrollers regards
pid controller programming in c on freescale micro controller Here is a good think it will help you.
Hi all.. is there anyone who understand how to program a pid in jennic 5139? I really need this to control a DC motor over the zigbee network.. I've made several codes but so far all of them still wrong.. :( The spesification: I'm using an input potentiometer for the setpoint (through ADC), and get the attenuated feedback voltage from the tac
your requirement should tell the part number of controller you are using... programming language, if you have any circuit you need to put here.. if you wrote any code you need to put here.. if not you need to tell that you are not getting any material for reference. see this [COLOR="Silve
which controller is best for implementing controls algorithm in microcontrollers e.g. to control an inverted pendulum pid or other will fail. you have to use state controller --> look for keywords like Ackermann controller or something else. In the case of the inverted pendulum you have divide the controll algo into two