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pifa, IFA for multiband and it can be tuned to meet bandwidth you wanted.
i'm search for a pifa design for dual band operation, gsm/GPS..(gsm band of 880 to 960 MHz , GPS L1 frequency of 1575 MHz) can u help me please with the reference?
Any USB gsm/3G/4G modem or cell phone, if it have a FCC certification number can you find photos of the antennas at . Dominating type of antenna is multiband pifa for both modem and cell phones regarding this type of wide band internet connection.
Hi, i need antenna design pifa of quadband gsm 900/1800/1900/UMTS 890-960/1720-2170 MHz please anyone maybe have paper or book for reference
Hi, Kindly help me. I m designing a Balance pifa antenna in HFSS for gsm and UMTS (1900,2100). Q1 How to feed a Balance pifa antenna ? Q2 No current flows from my Patch,But gives a good Bandwidth and gain. Why no current flows ? Q3 How to match the pifa antenna impedance without changing the position of (...)
Hi, Kindly help me. I m designing a Balance pifa antenna in HFSS for gsm and UMTS (1900,2100). 624616246262463Q1 How to feed a Balance pifa antenna ? Q2 No current flows from my Patch,But gives a good Bandwi
hi what is the advantage of single pifa antenna used in mobile for gsm and ism purpose over the multiple integrated pifa antenna ?
i want 2 design dua l band antenna on gsm 900Mhz & DCS 1800 Mhz band but with with very high gain of 7,5 dbi... so wich is gud1 pifa or ny other design.... plz rply i m runing out if tme... i want 2 strt simulatin it...
For a pifa on FR4 the easiest way would be to go to AWR site and download a 30 days trial version of MWO (or you can buy it, but is a lot of money). The EM simulator is user friendly, predictable, and very accurate.
Hello, I have designed a pifa gsm antenna on a FR4 PCB, but i want to run some simulation. Can anyone suggest me some software tool? Thanks in advance
Hi, I have simulated a single band pifa for gsm 900 applications. The center frequency is well coinciding with 925 MHz but the bandwidth is to small. |S11| is around -20 dB. How can I widen the bandwidth? I'm using Agilent ADS2005A momentum. Your guidance is appreciated in this regard...
Hi, I am designing a triple-band antenna for both gsm900/1800 and Bluetooth, and I want to know which antenna is suitable for such antenna whose Gain is also required to be 2dBi plus. Now I choose one Folded pifa, which works for gsm/DCS/Bluetooth Triple-Band Application. The paper is here,
I am looking for a good and simple pifa design that can be constructed from FR4 if possible printed on the board and mounted above a large ground plane. I have a large ground plane available, for 868 MHz it looks like several wavelengts. The antenna should able to cover: 868 MHz, 900 MHz gsm and 1700 - 1800 MHz bands. Thanks in advance. PS: I
To choose what antenna type is depend on what's your application and frequenies for example , The GPS combined to mobile phone may use ceramic antenna , these type can use monopole , heliex , slot , even patch ...etc for gsm communication , it can use IFA , patch , heliex ....etc the pifa is one of the most popular type for applicati
hi buddies, Attachment is one pifa antenna for two band 900/1800(or 850/1900),the performance spc is as below: EGDE/gsm TRP:29 , TIS :-104 DCS/PCS TRP:27, TIS:-104 SAR meet two standard; If we use the current antenna volume as attchment,Can meet the performance spc?Pls give you comme
Hi every one, can any one upload for me some designs of a dual band pifa for gsm and dcs. thanks in advance. best regards.
thanks.. is there any way to tune the pifa?? any equations? coz i got some designs from some papers.. but i need to modify abit to suit my application..
It depends on your project type, for a handheld equipment helix monopole would do , for car kit a whip type monopole would be good. For gsm handset antenna, pifa(Planar Inverted F Antenna) antenna is common. The whip antenna is the best, because it's bigger.
For mobiles the most used type of antennas are Helix and pifa, and for BTS are p@tch array / flat panel antennas.
For Base Station the most common are P@tch Array and Vertical Dipoles Array. For mobile the most common are pifa and Helix.