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You have to divide the problem into two parts, since you cannot simulate the diodes in HFSS. HFSS is passive full-wave EM simulator. Using HFSS: Add ports at the locations where pin diodes and RF choke have to be placed and extract the S-parameters Using Circuit simulator such as ads or Ansoft Circuit tool: Import the (...)
Hello everybody, I am new to ads and I am trying to simulate a switching pin diode. Please refer to the attached schematic. I have set the ParamSweep block so that the diode is reverse biased. The crossed-out block is the ads model of Skyworks SMP1320-075LF pin diode that I have downloaded from their (...)
Hello, I have designed a power amplifier in cadence virtuoso and generated gds file. Now I want to use that gds in ads to find the mutual inductance across the inductors. I successfully extracted gds file using .map. However, when I'm performing EM simulations, I'm getting the following error. -------------------------------------------------
PAE = Pout - pin/Pdc in order to measure power at output and power at DC, you need to add current probe at the load and DC points respectively. for voltage measurement just name the not as VX will do. insert the equation in schematic so after simulation, you will get the values.
I have a PCB(test bench), which has "contacting device"(Socket) to holds the ICs(without soldering). The "contacting device"(Socket) consists from "pins". Effect of these "pins" I want to consider when simulating PCB in ads. I have a graphics S21 and S11. and Self Capacitance of pin: (...)
Hello Everyone! I would like to simulate the S-parameters and noise of simple circuits Tx / Rx in the range of 30-500 MHz. I can not find a model in ads (ads Agilent) for pin- photo-diode and laser diode (wavelength ~ 1.1 - 1.6 μm). Please tell where to find S-parameters / models to simulate (...)
I agree with ads-ee, it's recommended to add a secondary decoupling cap to the ADXL345. Further remarks: - Make the UART pins (30 and 31) external on 4 pin header together with VCC 3.3V and GND. Having a communications port aside from ICSP is always useful for debugging. - Add a filter before the buzzer (...)
In addition to the missing ground, as Volker mentions, if the s-parameter file you are using is 1 port data (S1P) then you should not be performing a two port simulation. You only need one Term, connected to pin 1 of the S1P element. The other pin on the S1P is the reference pin and that should be grounded. Then the S11 (...)
Hi, I build some Momentum components and would like to use them in my ads schematic simulation. However, I get an error saying that the Momentum component has n-pins, but my schematic has 0-pin. In my schematics, I just set up a S-parameter simulation like how I normally do, with 'terms' connected to the ports of the (...)
Agree with Volker that these values are important and are used to calculate the parasitic effect cause by each discontinuity but there is nothing to 'calculate', they just need to be set to the width of the attached MLIN at each pin. If any different value is used then the parasitic effects are not being modelled correctly.
Hello, I want to find p1dB and P3dB in ads for my LNA. Should I plot Pout and pin in a figure and plot a straight line to find deviation? If I should do that, to see Pout and pin I should use harmonic balance and a source in the input of the circuit? Cannot (...)
I am having a VSW2-33 SPDT switch. I have its datasheet. I know its pin numbers but i dont know where are the actual pins in s3p file which i got from its vendor. I need to open the schemtic of s3p file. Thankyou
There is a port declared as inout port in my module. How can we connect an input and also an output to the same inout pin in that module? Please write the relevant RTL in Verilog while replying. Regards
Hi I am new in RF design. I add spice model of AT-32033 in ads (2013.06) but does not show pin number in schematic. My process of adding is Tools>HSPICE Compatibility Component>Wizard. Schematic and spice model (file extention .psp) is attached. Please help and guide. Thanks in advance. 102019 *SPICE model fo
If you want the layout to be generated automatically without any manual adjustment then you must make sure that you never connect more than two symbols pins together at one connection. That means transistor pin to MLIN pin, MLIN pin to a single VIA2 pin, etc and never MLIN (...)
Dear Sir, (1) I have taken ATF 54143 transistor. It is 4 pin IC , two sources are present diagonally opposite to each other. When I connected capacitors and VIAS two sides of the two sources of the ATF 54143 transistor and generated layout. In layout generation, ATF 54143 transistor layout generated, two sources are generating side by side[/B
Hi Khaled, In case you wish to visualise the signal in time, then I would recommend you to use transient analysis. For it, once you have built your schematic, just go to the menu on the top of schematic view of your ads and select "Insert Wire/pin Label" were you see written NAME. Give any name to it, such as Vout, and (...)
Yes. Ansoft Designer comes to your rescue here. It will easily let you model active devices like pin, varactors and also to have a control over the controlling voltage. As far as i know its a licensed one. and i guess ads also has the facility of device modelling. moreover if you don't mind, you can upload your antenna (...)
Hi, I need a pin-diode model for building an attenuator. from Infineon Technologies - Semiconductor & System Solutions - Infineon Technologies I got the spice model of a pin-diode. But I am using ads for building that attenuator. I didn't used Spice. So, can anyone help me to understand the spice model of that diode o
hi all, guys can you get me the spice model for this? It should be useable in ads as I am using it for simulations. If there is no such model can you help me in making one.I would be really grateful to you all.:-D Regards