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Hi guys . Here is my project with HFSS design but the problem is that I can't calcutae S11 Value with MicroStrip design . pin diode ON , c= 10 nf ve r=3ohm pin diode OFF , c=1nf ve r=10kohm I put my design attachment and also I put diodes Data (...)
hello.. im designing frequency reconfigurable patch antenna at frequencies 2.45,5.5 and 7.5GHZ in hfss using pin diodes. i have assigned lumped RLC boundary to pin diodes.but im not getting exact frequency resonance. can anyone help me how to use pin diodes is biasing (...)
I came across this page and found interesting looking microstrip design. At the top of the image we can see LMX2325 that maybe used as prescaler (coupling to Fin pin), and two mixing diodes. But this thing does not look like balanced mixer. Why using two diode pair in such configuration? I can't understeand whe
Some lasers come with a built-in pin diode that should be used in the negative-feedback circuit to keep laser current constant over temperature. Laser driver should be designed to keep the current within limits, and feedback from the pin photodiode and temperature sensor is used to keep light output stable.
Find a new irfz44n MOSFET, remove the output of SG3524 ic and ground the gate of the two MOSFETs and power the inverter. Then give me a feedback, I am suspecting that the two sides are at one time being switched ON the same time. You are right,I forgot to tell this, after the mosfet breaking incident, I remove
Your explanation is quite confusing. If you have a LC resonator, then you can "remove" the resonance by two possible ways: - tune the resonance frequency elsewhere, by using a varicap diode, - load your resonator so that it will no more have a resonance you can use a pin diode or a switch with a resistor to absorb the resonance energy. (...)
I am currently working on a design that is based around LPC1759 microprocessor chip from NXP. Data sheet (pp-32&33) states that this IC has two independent power domains. IO pads are powered by (VDD(3V3) pins (pin21,42,56,77), while the VDD(REG)(3V3) pins (pin-34&67) power the on-chip regulator which in turn (...)
Want to control pin diodes on off states using FPGA. anyone can help me ?
Hi Guys, Wanted some advice on HSMP389C pin diode which i saw in receive design. Its was used as limiter, placed at the input of LNA. How can i calculate the maximum power handling of the limiter in that circuit before its damage due to high power transmited to receive path. I read thru the data sheet and no information was specified on the (...)
Which diode model you are using in the simulations? I found HSMS8202 model has wrong pin connections. You can do a quick test by connecting all the diodes in in the opposite way. just give a try...
It doesn't make sense to reverse-bias the pin diode Abstract - An important circuit design parameter in a high-power p-i-n diode application is the selection of an appropriate applied dc reverse bias voltage.
Hi, Im working with a buck converter design..The part is LT3508..running at 700kHz has two regulators in a single package with integrated switch for each. It has a boost pin which is connected to the output voltage node and this is done to drive the internal NPN switch to saturation and there by helping in using one regulator
Hello, i am in need of a SPDT type RF pin diode switch. I am implementing this into a 900mhz TDD amplifier, running 10-20 watts of RF power. What i need to know is what kind of RF pin diodes do i need to use that will handle 10-20 watts of RF at 900mhz? There will be 2 switches implemented, one on the RF input, and one o
Hi , I need to design a driver circuit to switch a pin diode ON and OFF, When switched ON the forward current should be in the range 50-100mA, im considering the following circuit..(the transistor Vbe max is only 5V) Does it have any problems? Thanks &
That's the issue with all 8051-derivatives, and there is no simple fix for it .. You'll have to re-design your circuit and change positive-logic (active=1) to negative logic (active=0) .. One option is to use an optocoupler and connect the diode (with resistor) between microcontroller's pin and +Vcc .. Then the output can be used to dive (...)
That looks wrong to me. The idea is good but there s a serious flaw in the electrical design, it destroys Q1 and possibly the laser diode if you disconnect the 9V battery or adjust R4 wrongly. Did you intend to connect the collector of Q1 to the ADJ pin rather than the output pin of the regulator? You don't state what (...)
hello all i am designing a T/R module in X band for a radar......for this i need a limiter circuit using MA4L011134 pin diode.......i want to know where can i find .s1p file for this be used in ADS Also LNA design using MGF4941AL....... Also i am designing a 10W Class AB Solid state power amplifier (...)
Not easily done with that bandwidth. you will need a sp2t series shunt switch chip at the junction, and then additional shunt pins spaced at roughly quarter wave in the two arms.
I assume you mean 2 pins, i think this will work but i'm not sure, you can connect 2 leds in each pin, one with the cathode to the pin and the other with the anode to the pin and the other sides through one resistor for each led to the positive (anode) and gnd (cathode). Using this configuration one led will be one when (...)
Hello, I have to design a LIMITER for a design of Envelope Elimination Restoration. In a first moment, I seached to use the pin diodes but I belive that they aren't suitable. I must make a limiter that has 28 dBm of output power on R(load)=50 Ohm. I read several papers about EER but nobody say how to make this limiter. (...)