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first give reset mode command to modem . like cold mode,hot mode. if still not getting location . you have to give power supply to your antenna . short vbat pin with vant pin .
Hi, I'm a new user in Altium. I try to update PCB document file.PcbDoc and get the warning errors occured during compilation of the project. It seems some components is not connecting in the schematic. The error messages is component contains Open Emitter pin and Power pins Objects. Actually a red cross is shown when I try to connect the components
Good afternoon all! I need to identify a port. 129573 Port: 14-pin (left) Cable: Ribbon ("Portron MV41GXFA_FPCB_R04 D1546" front "PFBR03" back) Device: Fingerprint Reader (Synaptics WBDI) location: on Intel(R) Serial IO SPI Controller (Windows 10 Device Manager) System: Intel x5-z8500 Pock
Good afternoon all! I need to identify a port. 129572 Port: 14-pin (left) Cable: Ribbon ("Portron MV41GXFA_FPCB_R04 D1546" front "PFBR03" back) Device: Fingerprint Reader (Synaptics WBDI) location: on Intel(R) Serial IO SPI Controller (Windows 10 Device Manager) System: Intel x5-z8500 Pock
We often use the set_location_assingment tcl command when assigning ports to pins on the FPGA in Quartus II. I cannot find a way in tcl to get a collection of all pins that have been assigned to ports of top level entity. The following is desired by using this collection: 1) Look at each value in the collection, if it matches a certain (...)
analyze cell displacement during legalization. This could happen , when during placement optimization, EDA tool can meet timing by sizing / adding cells. however during legalization of those cells, EDA tool may not find a nearest legal location to place those cells. This may be due to local cell density /pin density / local congestion. hence these
I once had our CAD dude write one, I believe keyed off a pin polygon placed at the center during layout. I don't have any SKILL skills myself, and the workstation ended up going back to the company when I left.... If pads are always rectangular it's a matter of picking the corner coordinates and averaging, per pad. Non-ortho shapes would
hello, warning in quartus The specified number of pins in the design have no exact pin location assignments. For example, the pin may be assigned to a specific I/O bank. This information is provided to show which pins you can assign to a location on the device. Click the + icon in the (...)
Hi, I created the layout-XL from schematic in Cadence and now I want to find the pin locations and component (transistor's terminals) locations from a report. And then by using these info I plan to route the nets myself. Would you please let me know how to find such report? Thanks
Hi, It's my first time to use this debugging feature but I can't seem to make it work. I'm using MPLAB ICD 3 and 16-bit 28-pin demo baord (DM300027) for the dspic33fj16gs502. My configuration bits are as follows: _FOSCSEL(FNOSC_FRC) // Select Internal FRC _FOSC(FCKSM_CSECMD & OSCIOFNC_ON) // Select Oscillator I/O function _FWDT(FWDT
On the following image, we can see an MPU-9150 from Invensense being interfaced with an want to interface it with an interface board for the do not understand why t
am using DS1307 RTC chip , after 1 or 2 days time is not changing , it is on same state , eg :5:59 pm, it is not incrementing , still same time even after 5hrs , and at this time Xtel pin is always DC voltage there is no sine wae at Xtel pin , i think Osscilator is in off state , when we are trying to write 0x00 in 0th location , it will (...)
For all the footprints that you define in Altium, you can always set reference. To set reference for a particular footprint that you are editing in pcb footprint editor, you can issue one of the following commands from following menu: Edit > Set Reference > pin 1 Edit > Set Reference > Center Edit > Set Reference > location The first command "
It is a simple tool, very useful in a lab, inspired by kit jabel j-47. It allows the location of faults in the low and high frequency tracks. The PCB was cut in the shape of the probe, and a pin of multimeter measurement proble wa
footprint is a summary of (cell width/heigth) plus (cell pin location and geometry) plus (cell metal polygons geometry). If two cells have the same width/heigth, the same pin geometry and all other metal polygons are the same, it means these two cells have equivalent footprint. It is needed, when you do want to replace one cell for another (...)
hi guys, I assign pin assignment for Altera FPGA Cyclone IV then this Error Message occur: Error: Cannot place pin ovMemBa to location B3 Error: Can't place VREF pin B5 (VREFGROUP_B8_N1) for pin ovMemBa of type output with SSTL-18 Class I I/O standard at location B3 Error: (...)
If you see here (from datasheet) the pin 1 has clear CORNER CUT mark for pin 1. 63675
I am creating a Tracker which sends GPS location to Server Through GSM after every 15seconds. In which i am getting string from a GPS Module (Holux M-89) and sending this string through GSM Module (SIM300DZ). I connected the GPS TX pin to RX of PIC18f452 and GSM RX to TX of IC18F452. GPS Module work on baud rate of 4800 and GSM Module Work on ba
You can assign the peripherals such as SPI, UART, PWM to be on any of the pins labelled RPxx - you are not restricted to just one location like on the older chips. I think the ones marked RPIxx can only be used as peripheral inputs, not outputs. There should be a list in the manual of which are available for inputs and which are outputs. Keith
Hi Guys, I am running IR analysis. I have added pads all around my square chip. The IR map that I am getting shows a large red circle (indicating high IR drop) in the middle of the chip. When I had pads only on the top and bottom, I got a red squished football like shape in the middle of the chip. My chip also has VDD and VSS follow pins running

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