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Sorry, but a foot print drawing that needs any kind of guesses like this is just crap. Applying standard design rules it's clear that the connector landing pads should be larger than the pins, with respective solder mask opening, in case of doubt NSMD (non solder mask defined) style. 2 mm wide pads as suggested by the drawing seems a bit (...)
Looks a bit "busy" to be just an input buffer, but it could be that it's a general purpose bidirectional pad call configured as an input. Then you have the output buffer circuitry as well, tri-stated under logic control (or tied off to rail at the output enable pin). Some logic families were done "mini-array" style and every signal pad (...)
hi, I recently bought a faulty ps3 joypad which i want to fix it. After I open it I've noticed that previous owner try to replace right analog stick and fail it. There is a ripped soldering pad, could some body post a schematic for this controller, so I can make a bridge connection or tell me where to solder that potentiometer pin from (...)
I think you made a mistake in pin assignment attach your component schematic and pcb lib image to help you
Hi everyone, I'm doing a footprint of a USB connector like this: 132816 As you can see there is a Land NO.3 which is supposed to be conected to gnd I guess. To do this, I use Snap points and use a solid region (Place->Solid region) My problem is I can't assign a designator like a pin. So I tried to put a SMD pad over the
Hello, I have defined Clearance_VN rules Where The First Object Matches Net.Class=VN Where The Second Object Matches = All Clerance =1mm but I need to make this rule not apply to one specific pin or all of the pins that are NC (not in any Nets) I thing Where The Second Object Matches = ALL AND NOT ........ Unfortunately, I can
I once had our CAD dude write one, I believe keyed off a pin polygon placed at the center during layout. I don't have any SKILL skills myself, and the workstation ended up going back to the company when I left.... If pads are always rectangular it's a matter of picking the corner coordinates and averaging, per pad. Non-ortho shapes (...)
You have a pin that is connected to something inside the FPGA that is not an input buffer like an IBUF or IBUFG or such. Normally ports on a module/entity have the input/output buffers inserted automatically (maybe you turned off buffer insertion?). You should post your HDL code for that port and how you use it in the code, if you want more than j
Hi All, I am looking for IC design examples with very low I/O pin count. Multi million IC with 10 to 12 I/Os. Do such designs exist ? I need to justify the I/O less benchmarks, that I have created, for testing placement algorithm. best regards, Sameer.
Start with IPC-7351 As to the QFN's the acronym QFN is generic you MUST always specify the pad pitch, body dimension etc. as there are devices with pin pitches 0.5mm 0.65mm 1.0mm etc.
Hi all, I met a problem when I used SOCE to implement my design. After the step of CTS, I found the clock tree didn't connect to the pin of clock input pad and the pin of CLK of SRAM macro. I read the log of encounter and found there were some warnings. I think maybe the warnings are the reason for the above problem. The (...)
Looks like your schematic component's pin names is not compatible with the names of the pins the footprint you use has. Change one of them, if you have a library editor, or try some other library components.
I am trying to create a circular SMT pad in allegro. The pad is not part of an IC pin or any component pin. I need the pad itself as a symbol. I tired editing existing pads in padstack. When I edit the pad in padstack, I see what I (...)
Hi there, I have a question about soldering. I've made my own 2-sided PCB, and because of the complexity I am not able to get all the traces on the bottom side of the PCB. So there are for example some (female) pinheaders I need to solder, (and sockets for IC's), but there are also traces going from the pinheaders on the top side of the board. Is
Hello, Since we have run out of room on our PCB, we need to add a daughter board to fit on the extra circuitry. I have looked under "board to board" connector but can find nothing suitable. Does any reader know what is the correct term for this that we can find one. It just needs to be kind of like this..kind of...
Designing a 4-layer board (signal+pwr, gnd, signal+pwr, gnd), and I have some newbie doubts about the best option to connect different connector's pin or IC's pad to power lines, or sometimes to different signals. Board has different parts: Power, MCU & RF. The main issues I have: Power at connectors. Which is the design g
I don't know what are those two thick lines. I query them and they are Not etches. Yet the pin they intersected with and island plane have the same Net, VDD. I try to find out what are those two thick lines,
Lets say I put a 8x1 header, and I want to show its pins/pads names to be appear on PCB so the user can know what a pin is for, like pin 1 is for GND, pin 2 is for VCC and more. But in altium pcb desginer, it doesn't show pins/pads names, only can show Designator or (...)
When I assign pads (pins) with attached fills as no-erc, they are reported as "short-circuit" in design rule check. Anyone know how I can solve this? I have done "Design"->"Netlist"->"Update Free Primitives From Component pads" That fixed all the pads assigned to a net, but not the pads assigned (...)
Yes, I want to control of bidirectional pin when it woks as only input port. and 1 or 0 doesn't matter. Please let me know how to control. I appreciate your trying to help.