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1. I really want to understand what is the difference between high speed and low speed io pins on max10. I tried to look around but cannot find an answer about this. Can anyone help? As the device manual states, the actual assignment of high and low speed pins can be found in the pinout file. It's also shown in Quartus pin planner t
Perhaps it is BSS38 (a PNP BJT). Package (TO-92) and pinout (CBE) matched with the posted picture as well. Datasheet link:
Hello people, I have this old Samsung YP-P2 mp3 player, but its original charger is long gone. I can make one at home, but a silly problem arose - I can't find the charger connector pinout for the life of me. Does anyone have it by any chance? Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:
That's not the mini din in other photo's ITs 1 2 3 2 in pinout rows. You would have to identify the item its used on more so we can help find a connector.
here it is 5517 pinout
My problem is , when I'm running this code in Proteus it is not showing anything on LCD. Apparently there is a problem with the definition of the microcontroller pinout that communicates with the display. You have defined the PORTB as the data bus; you make access of 8 bits and not 4 bits, however the control pins
The rather old 66103A powersupplies, and similar, has a 48pin connector behind, usually connected to a DC module connector like 5060-3386 which normally gives the pos./neg. terminals and the sens signals. But the pinout of the 48pin connector is hidden and not found in the regular documentation. Does anyone know this pinout? I have determind pa
Can anybody share this information? I know it is MIPI CSI-2 interface, but what is the pinout? I would like to use this camera module for a project of mine.
Hi, i have 6 ADC, i will connect them to FPGA (spartan 6 kit) and comunicate with seriell and with SPI. I have never made pin connections of FPGA before, i dont know if it is like Microcontroller. i checked the pinout datasheet of the spartan 6 and, all the pins which is written MISO, CMPMISO are already connected to flash. are they only pin
130848 Hi, I found this transformer inside an EL inverter(110V/ 900 HZ output). Does anyone knows the pinout or how to wire it.
So, if I want to program Microcontrollers, should I know all of their registers? and If I want to choose another micro from other companies, I should learn all of their registers too from the first? You firstly need to know the main registers, usually related to Timers, Watchdog, pinout, etc... As you start managing the builtin peri
If you were assigned to design a specific board using RS232 communication, in general it is a good deed to define its pinout in such a manner that you can connect any standard pin-to-pin commercial cables ( e.g. the host'sTX to the device's RX and so on ). There is no problem to do that for 12m, it's under RS-232 standard specification.
It will depend what peripherals are in use. The DE1 lacks some features of the DE2 so if it uses these obviously it cannot be ported. if you are using the same things, then you need to change the target device and the pinout. Also, note that the DE1 has a smaller device - how full is the DE2 device?
Hi everyone, I'm new into the world of electronics. I'm now trying to make a small variable FM Transmitter, which for the tuning uses a trimmer capacitor. The problem is, that in the place where I live there aren't any of those. And my only option before buying some online, is to reuse them from any type of electrical device that I may have. I've t
Chip CS3793E or CS3793EO -brand logo stamped shows Semico. It is a 2 channel audio amplifier 16 pin surface mount. Unknown pinout :cry: ?? Other numbers on it : MBAB101012Y or MBAB101Q12Y Cannot find it on the web. Thanks ! for anything you can provide.
Hey I am using dsPIC30F4011 with 16 MHz crystal. I am using mikroC for dsPIC. I have such code: void main() { int pwm_period1; int i; ADPCFG = 0xFFFF; // initialize PWM 1, using scale 1, and Timer 2.... pwm_period1 = PWM_Init(500 , 1, 1, 2); PWM_Start(1); PWM_Set_Duty(0, 1); // se
First off all, in the lack of proper documentations of the board, you have to search on the web for the microprocessor's pinout, and probbing someones by scope. I'm assuming that you have enough knowledge to know that special care must be taken when handling the board energised, particularly in regard to components like memories which you should sk
Hi.... Please i need for all pinout (any models) ink cadridge for model: HP-CANON-EPSON 1000 Thinks
The preceding '?' symbol denotes a symmetrical value varying from 2.5 to 6.0 volts. Moreover, the pinout designators +Vcc/-Vcc reinforces this chance.
Hi. i have this TEA5767 i want to recycle in new project. The pinout of this chip is not like any of what i can found in the Internet. i got it from a Chinese MP3 player called H85-03LFC-MAIN. Here are some pics of the module and the motherboard. can anyone help me to figure out the correct connexions? [ATTACH=