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I'm making a pipeline adc and I need to have a delay unit that delays the signal (in my case for 20ns). I have a clock that its pulse width is 20ns (pulse width not pulse period) how can I get my delay?
Hi, I am going to build the simulink models of a pipeline adc, including SHA, each stage of pipeline adc,clock generation, digital correction. The non-ideal of switched-capacitor opamp should be included. Eventually I can get the plots of INL, DNL, SFDR, SNDR, and ENOB in (...)
clock jitter is not a bottleneck of pipeline adcs or any adc, for what matters. If you want to read documents on adc design, try: or L. Sumanen and M. Waltari PhD dissertations, for example.
a pipeline adc with "4+8*1.5+3",but the latency is 12 clock cycles? why?
want to design 12 bit pipeline adc can any one help me? thanks
can anybody help me about the sample and hold structure for the first stage of pipeline adc. (It will sample 10Ms/s.)
high speed adc 1. pipeline 2. fold 3. flash 300MHz flash A/D can use "switch comparator" use switch Cap .. and clock will do auto zero (cancel offset ...) comparator use "preamp + latch " for high speed signal you cn find many paper talk about this A/D
HI all I am testing a 11-bit adc INL and DNL. I have read the maxim histogram test app note. But I have some questions about the test setup. 1) For 11-bit and 27MHz sample clock, how to add the input sinwave signal. what the frequency of the sinewave signal. How can (...)
please, anyone know about the clk in pipelined adc? or any paper or book about it ? clock generator ?
can iknow AD9480 use which type of adc topology is it pipeline or something else
You need to understand and clearly define what is the real meaning of 'settle': it is the accuracy that the MDAC needs to achieve, which depends on the overall accuracy of the pipeline adc, if the MDAC is the first stage of such a pipeline. A normal way to specify this is (...)
Hi In a pipeline adc the OPAMP must be designed to have an input and output common mode voltage equal to VDD/2? Or we dont care as it operates in a closed loop with a gain equal to 2.
You should use pipeline or folding. Bastos

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