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@anubudihal, that is the last step.... You'll first have to synthesize the code, then place and route based on your input constraints, generate a programming file, then use the programming cable. Maybe you should read the documentation of the FPGA vendors tool flow instead of asking a vague question that just proves (...)
Well the synthesis used an input file SDC hand written where the designer indicate the constraints, it is not mandatory, as RTL compiler for example has his own command to constraint the design. using SDC is recommended and could be used by the majority of the synthesis tool. Personally, I used as input of (...)
I designed a 5 stage pipelined RISC processor in VHDL, synthesized the code using ARM libraries on 65nm Technology using synopsis Design Vision tool. Also, post synthesis simulation is correct. At the place and route stage, i am using IC Compiler (Synopsys).. However , no matter what i do, i get Zero DRC errors, however (...)
You can try Xpower analyzer which can help you finding leakage current after implementing place and route.
SDF contains only delay information ,slew is nothing but a path delay which will be in SDF file. LOAD capacitance is needed before place and route , after that , one a particular gate , tool know the output capacitance , and tool calculate the delay with that information (...)
To my knowledge LVS i tricky when using standard cells from fab ( I take it you only see the abstract view and not the full layout?) If so you need to use a black box approach where you treat the std cells as black boxes with IO. When it comes to the physical bulk contacts, in a place and route (...)
Hello Sir, can you explain this in detail? Thanx you. During pre-route (post place or post cts), your tool will perfom virtual routing and routing congestion analysis. Here the number or routes passing on each tracks are analyzed will be feed back to you by the routing/congestion analyzer (...)
Hi, Yes of course this filler and capacitors are needed to be included in the design is used for device encapsulation and to avoid uneccessary effects of fields that causes the chage in Bulk(silican die) properties... and you can route to VDD and GND using place and (...)
Hi, I want to estimate the temperature of a circuit after place and route by cadence SOC encounter. I am able to run some workloads on this tool and extract switching activity and then extract power from synopsis power compiler. Considering these, does anyone know a solution to estimate (...)
ICC is primarily a timing-driven auto-place&route tool for use with standard-cell libraries (sets of pre-made logic gates that make-up a digital design). Everything ICC does is based around this goal - it is not the right tool for custom analog layout of individual transistors, resistors, etc. (...)
Synplify pro finished the synthesis, output files are : edf-design netlist in the format of the supported target place-and-route tool; srs?output by the compiler stage of the process, contains the RTL level (schematic) view of the design. This is the representation displayed through the RTL view in HDL Analyst. (...)
I am using Xilinx ISE 12.4 and Virtex6 Lx75t speed grade -3 device. the design shows a maximum clock frequency of 1100 MHz in post-place and route static timing report. Is it possible to achieve this high speed in the virtex6 fpga? When i do a post PAR simulation at around 800 MHz , the design shows timing errors? Is (...)
There is a command in encounter called "placeDesign" which will place your design. Though the cells will not be placed symmetrically but placed as the tool suggests. The requirement that the cells be placed symmetrically sounds strange. usually if the design is (...)
hi I want to make KL- algorithm related tool, which will helps to solve place and route problem like wire delay... I want to place GUI in form of CLB o/p. without applying and after applying algorithm
Are you saying that you want to directly generate a design layout from a verilog code? To my knowledge, there is no tool can do that. But if it is not directly, then you just have to follow normal design flow from RTL synthesis, place and route, stream-in into virtuoso to have the design layout. Thanks.
In Encounter RTL Complier, is it possible to specify the tool to use UVT (Ultra-high Threshold Voltage) standard cell library for module A and RVT standard cell libray for all other modules? Currently, I am using optLeakagePower in postroute stage of place&route. (...)
Milkyway is a Synopsys library format that stores all of circuit files from synthesis through place and route all the way to signoff. Most Synopsys tools can read and write in the Milkyway format including Design Compiler, IC Compiler, StarRCXT, Hercules, Jupiter, and PrimeTime. Milkyway is (...)
Hi all..... I am now learning the place and route using SoC Encounter version 9.1. But the document given with this version is compatible with the earlier version (Version 8.1). So, some of new tool functions are not described properly in this document. E.g. in the document there is an extensive use of Synthesize Power (...)
Hi Guys, I am an ASIC / FPGA designer who can write verilog code, synthesize it and place & route it. I am new to the ARM world. I am wondering how can i take a verilog code and convert it into ARM assembly. What is the tool chain required and where to get that? I am also confused (...)
The former is more custom layout oriented (i.e. every transistor is placed and routed by hand) while the latter might be more digitally oriented (use a place-and-route tool to create the layout).