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Hello all, I have some questions regarding Synopsys SAED90nm EDK library: 1) Do I have to configure any setups in cadence Encounter to place and route a design using Synopsys SAED90nm library ? 2) What is a Milkyway library ? 3) Is it easier to use Synopsys ICC or cadence Encounter with this library for P&R ? (I'll
I'm currently working with cadence Encounter. For MMMC place & route it requires "func" and "test" SDCc constraints. After place & route func and test minimum, typical and maximum SDF files are generated. What is the purpose of func and test modes? Thanks.
Hi, I am using SOC encounter for APR for the 1st time. It seems a LEF file is required for Floorplanning, but I cannot find any LEF in the std cell library. So can you please give me any hint ?Is LEF mandatory ?
The cadence SOC Encounter is targeted for RTL to GDSII flow where you start your design with HDLs/SystemC and synthesize to generate/simulate gate level netlist, do auto place & route, to DFM and generate GDSII. This flow always has presence of standard cells to enable all the stuff. The virtuoso on other hand is targeted for custom design (...)
How can I get an evaluation or demo version for these tools??? Thanks There are no free tools for ASIC design for synthesis and place and route to my knowledge. Have you tried to contact the companies (synopsys, cadence, etc) discussing about the evaluation/demo version? Link:
Hi, I want to estimate the temperature of a circuit after place and route by cadence SOC encounter. I am able to run some workloads on this tool and extract switching activity and then extract power from synopsis power compiler. Considering these, does anyone know a solution to estimate the chip temperature? Regards, Mojtaba
ICC is primarily a timing-driven auto-place&route tool for use with standard-cell libraries (sets of pre-made logic gates that make-up a digital design). Everything ICC does is based around this goal - it is not the right tool for custom analog layout of individual transistors, resistors, etc. And for manual design, it's GUI is not designed for han
Front end design means .. Is it a schematic? first make your device size as 3.15 in cadence and then start to place your component and route as the schematic..
Hello I am using the ICstation in my circuit layout . I am enjoying the pick and place function from the schematic to the layout with shorter route suggestion. I would like to ask you if cadence support this feature or not. have a nice day
Are you saying that you want to directly generate a design layout from a verilog code? To my knowledge, there is no tool can do that. But if it is not directly, then you just have to follow normal design flow from RTL synthesis, place and route, stream-in into virtuoso to have the design layout. Thanks.
All routed metals must snap to the routing grid. Routing grids or tracks are used by place-and-route tools during detail routing. You can't form a via off-grid.
I have two important answear: 1. Orcad PCB editor or cadence Allegro have a union functionality how Altium Altium Designer you can place and route a part of the circuit and than I can do a union of this section of the circuit and than move it in the board how a single component. 2. There is a tutorial for cadence PCB (...)
Hello, I wonder what commands/methods people use to generate .lib for a design, and use it later for place and route at top level. I am using EDI 9.1, found the timing model commands have very limited documentation in fetxtcmdref.pdf. And I could not get write_model_timing and do_extract_model work well: they have significant discrepancies from
to do so you need a software to synthesize your code with standard cells,such as cadence PKS_shell then you should do place and route with a software such as cadence SOC Encounter, take a look at this: Tutorial for cadence Build Gates and cadence Encounter
Since memory cells are arranged in a very regular structure, is there a special way to place&route the memory cells? or it is the same way as standard cells
Hi I am using SOC encounter for place and route I have synthesized and routed my netlist but in SOC I cant see the internal contents of cells,and cells appear just like black boxes this problem exists when I Import the gds file in cadence Virtoso, I think I'll need some additional technology files but I don't know which (...)
Hi I'm doing a full custom IC design for digital system using cadence tools. I'm now in the process of doing DRC for my layout and after this LVS. Is it the nest step is doing place and route? And I have no tool that can automated place and route. Can somebody help me to give me some idea or link for (...)
Hi, Say, I have done place & route for my design using cadence/Magma & doing signoff checks now. What are all the things to look for if you see a correlation issue between implementation & signoff tools? Is there any doc/white paper which explains all the key points to debug the issue? Thx Kumar
pr=place&route. used by cadence chip assembly router. anything in prBoundary will be routed by CCAR.
Hi. Would you please tell me how to make physical place&route with wired-bound pads using cadence SOC Encounter as the same as the attached picture? I will appreciate your help,thank you!