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Hi i have done matlab code for 3*2 dipole array in xy plane but i am not sure if it is correct or no this is my code : %3D array Factor of a 3x2 planar array antenna % first step AF calculation % c=3e8; f=2e9; lambda=c/f; k=(2*pi)/lambda; L=lambda/2; n=377; Io=1; r=10; dx=lambda/2; %distance (...)
Hi i have done matlab code for 3*2 dipole array in xy plane but i am not sure if it is correct or no this is my code : %3D array Factor of a 3x2 planar array antenna % first step AF calculation % c=3e8; f=2e9; lambda=c/f; k=(2*pi)/lambda; L=lambda/2; n=377; Io=1; r=10; dx=lambda/2; %distance (...)
Hi all I designed a planar antenna that would be a unit cell for a 4×4 phased array. My PC resources are limited and I want to know what configuration i may use in order to speed out simulation and optimization of the array's parameters.
There are different optimal distributions depending on your design objectives, small half-power beamwidth or low side lobes. The trivial case of uniform amplitude give smallest beamwidth, review Ballanis Chapter 6, arrays: Linear, planar, and Circular for details.
There could be several ways to do this, but most simulators allow extrusion from a planar curve, using another line as a path to get the thickness. In your case, the outline profile of your patch antenna is not actually on a flat surface, but a sphere. The edges of the patch could be "great circle" lines (shortest route between corners), or interse
Hello everyone. I'm designing a planar slot antenna array(2x2). Gain of the system with all elements excited in phase is 10 dBi. Gain of the single antenna element is 6.2 dBi. I want to know where 3 dBi of the gain is lost, cause due to theory the system must have 12 dBi(4 elements with 6 dBi each). Could anyone help me with (...)
What is considered the "farfield" of an array of antenna elements. I realize that the Far Field of an element is > 2D^2 / lambda; where D is the largest dimension of antenna. But in an array of antennas is this the size of a single element or the size of the array it'self? I realize the (...)
I'm trying to design a planar phased array antenna consisting of circular dielectric waveguide for 15.25GHz applications(lattice is skew). i modeled hexagonal unit cell in hfss with master/slave boundary condition and PML. and then i want to see my anten impedance matching in all scan angle is good or no!! floquet port and PML toghether (...)
I want to design a phased array antenna for 2.4 GHz and want to control it with PC. I intend to use rf switches for phase shifting. Can anyone please tell me if its a good idea to use rf switches. And which software should I use for simulation which should also have rf switches in library. I have some experience with ads 2009 momentum. Please help
Hey guys, I've designed a good Microstrip planar array antenna with good gain and everything; however, the mainlobe direction is not 90 degree. Anyone has tips in how to change the antenna direction? I don't want to make major changes because it took me long time to get this result :shock:! I appreciate you guys (...)
For what kind of array antenna, linear, planar or circular? ---------- Post added at 07:41 ---------- Previous post was at 07:37 ---------- For what kind of array antenna, linear, planar or circular? In case of linear array with m-elements, u can try this (...)
Hello everyone … I’m simulating a planar array antenna using CST … but l don’t know how to explain the s-polar and smith chart graphs … and how should be my optimum graph … here is the graphs …
hello everyone ... l'm doing a design for a planar array for a smart antenna ... l'm using CST program for my design and l need to do a comparison for the function of the antenna when a 2*2, 4*4, 8*8 and 10*10 elements of the planar array are used ... so, shall l use a coaxial port to (...)
Hi I am designing planar array antenna using CST MWS. Ater design 2 x 2 patch array, I have clicked Solve --> Transient Solver then click Start button. But i got the error message which i have attached here, saying "This version is licensed for upto 30 000 meshcells only" but in mu case it has 80 256. How can i resolve (...)
Hello Everyone i have been working on planar array antenna using rotman lens.i could get the linear going ,but when i had to extend my antennas to two dimension.i have been having trouble with the size of the array is individually fed.with the output ports of the rotman being the input for the (...)
Hi I need to find SLL of an antenna(planar phased array) that its pattern is tilted from broadside then the pattern is assymetric around its main axis. I have array factor relation. how can I use derivative in spherical coordinate or any other method to find SLL? thank you!
I have designed a planar patch array for 5.8 GHz using IE3D. When I got the first manufactured antenna back, as one could expect it was not a perfect match, and I need to do a re-spin. What I want to do is to adjust the simulation parameters so that the simulated S11 matches the measured S11 of the antenna, and then verify (...)
Hi all, I want to design a high gain antenna (~20dBi) on a relatively high dielectric constant substrate (Epsion r = 7). Could you suggest what kind of antennas I should use to obtain that target? Thanks in advance
Hi, everyone. I am wondering whether you guys have any good phase array handbook in the microwave frequency range? It should not only the theory of the antenna and array, but also include some examples of the phase shifter design, PCB designs, and RF front-end design. Thanks.
During the design of a microstrip planar antenna array how do you choose the shape of the patches? I have seen various patches: Square,Rectangle,triangle,circular... Is there any practical diference between square and rectangle and why choose one over another? Thanks
I'm designing a planar antenna in the mm-wave range. I have to use thick substrate (membrane- or horn-type antenna is out of the question). Since the final target design is an antenna array for focal imaging, no lens must be used. I have to design an antenna on Si or Quartz substrate with (...)
Dear all, I'm trying to design a planar phased array antenna for mm wave applications (60GHz), and looking for any helpful information (papers, hfss files etc.) Does anybody have a HFSS tutorial for designing microstrip antenna/arrays? Best Regards
Hi to all, I have to calibrate a phased array antenna (planar array with 19 elements). I am thinkink of using a genetic algorith. With this genetic algorith I would calculate the different 19 phases which i have to send to each antenna element. My doubt is that I don not know if this method takes too much (...)
Hi all, I'm working with a planar array antenna at 60GHz, Duroid RT5880 material for substrate. Now simulation is completed. I want to fabricate and confirm simulation results by measurement. However, I have no experience at this frequency for fabrication and measurement. Anyone give me some advice! Thanks in advance!
Hi! Does anybody know any planar antenna or any substrate for microstrip antennas that can handle/support high power? I mean something around 4 kW. I'm starting a project on a planar antenna array for remote sensing, but I'm having some dificulties in find an apropriate element which (...)
thanks very much that software is very good about linear and planar array.
How do you determine the array size for a microstrip planar array ? How do you know how many elements you need in the x and y directions ??
antenna is microstrip planar array. antenna controller changes the phases of array and in this way the antenna beam direction. Tracking speed is about 60°/sec.
Hi abti, you should use an antenna array composed of planar elements in the same plane. Many books on antennas (available in this board) give the basics of arrays and of planar (microstrip) antennas. Regards Z
Hi everybody! I need to investigate some array arrangements for my planar antenna. The tutorial from CST-MWS provides an example of an array of planar antenna fed by coax. The antenna in my case is fed by CPW line. Can i do the array simulation by just (...)
Hi evreyone I am looking for 2 planar array antenna on the same ground first in x-band second ku-band with the "same linear polarization" not orthogonal. and less then -15db isolation. THANKS
Hello all, who knows a good software (and link...) for the design of planar-antenna arrays? (Not only to verify the array pattern). Or has anyone written a script for matlab or such things? Thanks in advance, Bye
i've spent much time designing and simulating mpa's and arrays (assuming planar design) the tools i've had at my disposal are hfss, ie3d and cst by far and away ie3d is the eziest tool & quite accurate first you can start by designing your element you can then generate the radiation pattern within ie3d and use the built in array (...)
I'd like to design a planar antenna with an opening angle of about 60° (H) and 6° (V). The frequency is 24GHz. The antenna must have a small size, the dimension in the V must be below 20mm, so a patch-array won't work. Is there any (unconventional?) idea?
Hi Lupin, >>In what type of array are you involved? planar or conformal? hehe ... I'm just a newbie let me start with planar then ... >>What parameters do you have to optimize? You ask me difficult question ? ... hehe ..I'm not that far ..hehe .. I am asked to optimized for the side lobe of the scanned patterns... Tha't s all waht I