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Could you please let us know more about the Frequency Selective reflector? Is it FSS layers beneath a planar monopole antenna?
how to design a co planar stripeline feed and integrate it to dipole antenna with reflector?. i have designed the antenna but it is showing a VSWR of 3 instead of 2 . need assistance for design and integration. impedance is 150 ohm and hence need to design the width of the feed and gap of the feed to the dipole antenna ant to integrate.
Hello everyone, I've modeled a planar antenna in HFSS (curtain quad). It looks somewhat like this, but created with strips etched on a substrate: . The antenna is created on 30 mil thick 6002, backed by 1" foam, and there is a reflector behind this. The feed is in the center and t
Hello everyone, I have a planar antenna (curtain quad) that I'm simulating in FEKO, similar to this but etched: Figure 11 CQ13r 13 Element Curtain Quad with screen reflector . The antenna is created from strips of metal on a thin substrate (no ground plane). The thin substrate
Hi all! I really need help on simulating a planar reflector + the pyramidal horn. I've already built up the design, i used port waveguide as the excitation signal, and i set the boundary condition to symmetrical planes. I tried to use T! solver but at the end of simulation it said that the solver stopped because the maximum pulse of widths simul