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Hi. I'm thinking of making a digital clipping for audio amplifiers. As it can be difficult to spot clipping when playing music on a scope it would be awesome to have a little box that would tell me when the music is clipping. I've ordered one of these: and with an Atmega328p I think I'll be able
An IR receiver IC has a black coat that blocks visible light but passes IR. Of course an IR sensor becomes saturated in sunlight then is useless as a receiver. An example will be playing acid rock music very loud and try to hear someone far away whispering to you. Can you see your TV when its screen is in sunlight? Maybe you can transmit an IR si
Hello, Do you know what is the power draw of this amplifier (ID:100TVP) when it is not playing music? I am assuming it is a Class AB amplifier inside it. ID:100TVP amplifier
Hi Guys, I am a newbie on electronics and would like to get suggestions from url as to how to prepare a circuit for playing 7 music files(2 sec duration each) I have read from a site that there are COB's available in the market that have a fixed music in them. But in my case i want to embed my own sound files. Is this possible? Is (...)
The FM radio in my car shows the radio station's call letters, the type of music they broadcast, the name of the song that is playing and the singer's name on the digital screen. It does not use old fashioned Morse Code. Of course it uses ICs. I rarely use the AM radio because the sound is very bad and I have not looked to see if it has digital in
Cars pull behind and to my side are output sound defening sounds. My car actualy vibrates. I found out there is no law against playing music at incredible levels. I beleive it is coming from there CD. Then they use the base control to produce these horrible sounds. I just like and peace and quiet. There is not much of that now adays. I dont think t
Described here Valentine's Day gift is in the form of a heart with diodes blinking around and a speaker inside playing a song. The heart was made of laminate, and the paths were designed so that they provide graphic
You can refer to Figure 10 in the datasheet, scaling the numbers with (16/13.2)?, resulting in nearly 55 W maximum power dissipation with sine signals. The typical power dissipation playing music will be considerably lower according to the magnitude statistics.
Hello All, Suppose if i try to implement different musical instruments in matlab, assuming the fundamental A note to be 440hz, How do i differentiate between different musical instruments, normally the drums are in the range of 20 ~100 Hz, So is it like, if i change the A note to be say 20~100 Hz, I get sounds of drums? I also wanted to get a g
ive played everything ive wanted to play on that system and its just gathering dust now... its still perfecly inact, any way i can use it besides playing music CD's?