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137043137044137045 MacroController allows you to perform Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (scada) in stand-alone mode or in conjunction with a host computer. The MacroController can operates as a Programmable Logic Controller (plc), Data Acquisition (DAQ) and comm
I have actuator with a board that is powered by 240 V and controlled by 4 to 20mA. Case 1, Using analog signal loop 4-20mA from Fluke handsheld 6 Volt Case 2, Using plc 4-20mA 24 Volt Case 3, Another potentialmeter source 4-20mA 24 Volt Case 2, shows the actuator is having drifting forward and backward while (...)
The one that you can afford with the software and gets you a job in same industry.... (hint search jobs for plc types)
Progyaan provides quality learning atmosphere to students, working professionals and offering scada training to companies with state of art facility to service customers from several areas like plc, scada, Industrial automation.
plc scada Training in Chennai is not a new concept. But, we found a need to start this institute, because, as employers, we found a severe lacking in the Engineers we recruited and we had to spend 6 months to train them before we could send them for projects.
Hi i am looking for some freelance job related to plc programming , HMI designing and scada designing
what is the type of the plc??
hi friends, what is the difference between embedded plc and scada . i heard plc ,scada is used for industrial automation . embedded system used for electronic devices is it true? can embedded system use industrial automation and high voltage automation application?
Hello, Please who has any information on technocrat automation or IIATCA concerning training in plc, scada, DCS etc. Saw a thread about technocrat automation that says the rooms were crowded, demo cds were used and instructors were very few. Is this true because i am considering a training there. I cannot go to check and (...)
I am a Post Graduate Engineer in Microelectronics & System Design from United Kingdom and had training in plc and scada from YOKOGAWA. I am looking for a job in Kuwait. Can any one help me?
hi friends I am in my final semester of BE Electronics from Hamdard University Karachi.I am having my final year project "Automation and Monitoring of 220kva diesel generator using plc and scada. so we have a fatek plc 24MA and wincc v6.I have completed my plc porting for (...)
Hi, I'm doing some hobby practices with HMI/scada systems in LabView. I have an old Siemens S7-200 CPU 214 and it's work fine with PC/PPI cable and NI OPC Server. The plc haven't any programming. The LabView "VI" diagram control I/O through OPC driver. The time response is quite slow (maybe 3 or 5 seconds) so I want try (...)
In an effort to make learning plc,HMI,scada application and programming affordable, AutomationLive developed this training course for use by individuals, companies, schools and universities. It’s perfect for upgrading employee skill levels. The course is structured so it can be used for individual (...)
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hello all... my company want using scada system. can some body help me to give me the scada software system where can support Mitsubishi plc ( A,Q series) and CTC plc.. i realy new in scada system...
NECAS AUTOMATION, Pioneer Organization Engaged in the field of Industrial Automation and Control. NECAS Guarantees Quality Knowledge with Practice Oriented Industrial Automation training on latest technologies on 100% Industry Oriented Modules. NECAS has Expertise in the Manufacturing of Control Panels & Integration, MCC Panels. NECAS provide Suppo
Alternatively if you need training on your own schedule - at home or in between work orders, visit We offer a comprehensive video library on multiple plc brands including Rockwell / Allen Bradley, and GE. We also have videos on Wonderware, and Red Lion products. We are currently offering (...)
In the simplest sense, OPC is a tool that can enable software manufactuerers to connect to a variety of different field devices. scada and HMI systems today usually work in layers. You have a developer of a graphical system that allows people to monitor a process. The system may need to communicate with several different field devices. OPC allo
i need detail information about control of many tanks weightes with integrated system and/or plc and HMI (scada),Please can any one help Best Regards MedTronic
not problem if use WinCC with one plc station through Profibus network.