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Did you mean PIC and/or plc? A mixture of lowecase and uppercase characters may lead in a misleading. Anyway, for both cases, considering that most gsm module interfaces are serial, I do not really see any issue there.
Hi, What is the most usual output from a smart meter? DSL? plc? gsm? If i wanted to know this: iŽd ask google. Klaus
TCP/IP would be a better option... Pls explain how the meter, gsm/gprs modem are connected...U had mentioned plc ---- is it Power Line Communication u r talking about??
hello I am doing my final project study that focuses on the control of a remote plc with gsm First I connected the phone to my PIC ds PIC30F4013 with serial communication using UART I realized the code but it did not work I need your help please it is urgent that is the code with micro C pro for ds PIC: [//**** Declaration des variables char
I can send data (AT commands)to WAVECOM FASTRACK gsm modem from the hyperterminal on my pc but I can't send data from twido plc to the modem, I can't find the problem, please help me
dear friends.. I am using the thinget plc model mx200-24 and gsm modem . already the size of my plc program is using 66% memory of i am adding small program to existing program to enhance my current machine and i downloaded the program to plc...plc run for some time and after that (...)
Sir, You can use PC hyper terminal/ plc(Hardware simulation) .For software simulation PIC simulator ide
%<%<%< 2/ we need to programming the gsm to be able to receive sms messages if it is plc error and transmit sms message also to repair that error WOW self repairing plc (or should I say equipment that can be repaired from the long distance) :D
there must be some standard plc compatible modem cards available. What plc are you using ??
i dont know how to programe to controle zeliologic plc through gsm modem via sms, If any one knows kindly send the answer to me
hello fellow members, i m working with my final sem. project of plc implementation and interfacing it using gsm, so i need help whether to establish gsm communication using sms with AT commands or J2ME?????? Which one might be easier and availibility of the codes would be easier??? Please forward me any of (...)
Hello Everybody, What's up! Dear Friends I am Final year student studing in Electronics and Communication Engg. My question is : I am making Programmable Logic Controller as my final year project. I am gonna interface plc to gsm network for process control. So I request U all to please guide me about gsm control since i am new to these (...)
hello fellow members, i want to have basic information about J2ME CODES used in gsm applications as i want to interface plc with some specific application!!!!! thanx!!!!!!! UMANG.
hello fellow members, can any one of u suggest some of the ebooks on Programmable Logic Controllers and their applications?? basically i want to implement plc as my final sem. project and interface it with some of the industrial applications through either gsm of webserver.
plc can transfer a message to mobile phone?. It's true???? Do you have any theory for this purpose.?