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i try to connect the sim900a with mitsubishi plc.... but its not connected. i have seen somewhere in this forum baud rate should be 115200 is that so? so far i tried using baud rate 9600....... still i can see the send receive led glown in plc....... but cannot get proper response.....pls help me
what is the type of the plc??
I required mitsubishi plc FX-3 U programming cable diagram. I think it uses no components may be simple RS 232 communication. but still required pin to pin connections. thanks
Dear All, I'm new here and I thought it'll be good to start with something useful i can share with you. Here's a link for mitsubishi plc training software, it's useful for plc beginners. Regards, Ahmed frere ahmed merci bien pour
I need mitsubishi plc selection guide is there anyone who can provide its 'Selection Guide' Thanks.
This is your topic, you can add all the text you want, don't be affraid to detail your project, we're all here to learn from each other. I've done projects from scratch using plc's from OMRON, SIEMENS, AllenBradley, TELEMECANIQUE, GE FANUC, mitsubishi and YOKOGAWA. PS: just for entertainment purposes, check this video, this is an autonomous r
hello all... my company want using scada system. can some body help me to give me the scada software system where can support mitsubishi plc ( A,Q series) and CTC plc.. i realy new in scada system...
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Can someone please point out to me the main differences between mitsubishi and Siemens plc's. Thank you
If you need to make data cable link for plc mitsubishi SC-02N or SC-05 you can do like this the first one prepare connecter RS-232C female 9Pin 1 set and RS-232C male 25 Pin 1 set ,shielding cable about 2-3 meter you can see picture for connect from
Hi! I search the following plc manuals: mitsubishi Power Supply - A61P CPU - A2NCPU 2xInput DIP-Switch AG62 Relay OUT (240V 2A) AY13 Transistor OUT (24V100mA) AY42 2xINPUT AX42 Please, please! Thx Zoli
Hello. mitsubishi manual. Where search look at here luck.
mitsubishi X1-30 plc shematic needed . Thank you in advance Greetings Dragan
i need topic about plc communcation as lan wan site as bus or star connection topology or any books of plc communcation
try trilogi
Hitachi very good brand about
Attached here is the schematic of the sc-09 cable, this is used for mitsubishi plc it acts as an interface between the plc and pc. However there are some part of the ciruit which I think are not shown. They said that the IC to be use are max202e by maxim and 75179b by texas instrument. Anybody who can help me with those chips and the (...)
All you need is mitsubishi plc/PC Adaptor, which looks like this: Maybe it is just DB25-to-DB9 jumper cable? rgs IanP
see this link
Hi I have an old mitsubishi F1 plc but no cable between plc and computer. Can anyone please tell me what type of protocol or pinout it is, I heard I need a adapter. It is a old (plc) but can be usefull for smaller stuff... Thanks in advance