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I presume you get the error for this line S5 <= outclk_0; It's useless, because outclk_0 is already conncted to S5 in the pll instantiation. and yes, outclk_0 is not declared in the top entity.
Dear ,,, I have tried the pll ADF4113HV from the analog device to control a wideband VCO about 1 octave(VCC=12volt, Vt=1-->14volt). the pll will lock for 1 min + or - and after a while it burn!!!. I have tried many chips and the problem still exists! I followed the data sheet carefuly , but the problem (...)
try making a large signal behavior model of the pll and then insert each block at a time, if they work fine then insert block pairs (like pfd, CP)
Hi, I'm trying to enable the pll for the internal oscillator of the 18F2620, I did all that the datasheet says: FOSC3:FOSC0 = 1001 pllEN = 1 OSCCON<6:4> = 111 but the PIC don't enable the pll :cry: Do you know what is the problem? Thanks
What cause modulation fail when setting Low PCL of DCS or PCS band , except VCO , pll part?
Hmmm, you are new to pll design and require assistance in 90nm layout. You should know that 80% chips fail first silicon. Article link below. You can try (for other articles) Also try and Professor P.E. Allen's website for his synthesizer course notes. There would be no mention of a 90nm (...)