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I'd like to reset my fpga by using pll lock signal. From where and why did you get this idea? The lock signal which is o/p from the pll module has some other purpose (read the pll docu for more info on the lock signal). It should not be used to reset the (...)
I?m learning Analog integerated circuit. Just readed the pll chapter. Since a pll can perfect trace the phase and frequency of input signal, whatif it's a signal with perfect periodicity but do not have a 50% duty cycle(let's say 30%), will the pll successfully lock (...)
Usually there is driver chip under the pcb. Often it is member of LB18XX family from Sanyo. It needs clock signal so pll (part of the driver ic)can lock onto it. First step is to carefully remove rotor then loose pcb screws and try to read driver ic part number. In datasheet you will find (...)
I have designed a pll in cadence. The VCO structure is based on LC. the control voltage enters into lock range but unfortunately the structure cant get to phase locking. Does any body have any experience about this problem? Thanks
Hi, I've got a project and would like to design a pll. I was wondering how I can increase the lock range of the pll and what parameters do affect its lock range? Are there any equations for calculating this range? Thank you in advance for your responses.
The pll of the nRF24L01 needs about 100usec to lock into the tuned frequency, so assuming about 80 channels in ISM 2.4GHz band (for Bluetooth) make the sum of pll locks to be about 8msec. On top of this have to add the time needed to analyze each channel.
Hi.I have problem with ad9957 pll loop filter.I have drive this IC without pll in each mode but I can't drive this IC with pll.I have used the Excel file from Analog Device to design pll loop filter and pll lock detect pin always stay true,but my output has (...)
I am designing an ADpll but am not getting which phase detector to use. EXOR gate phase detector JK Flip-flop phase detector Digital phase frequency detector DETDFF moreover there remains a TDC along with it , but some papers tell that TDC alone is sufficient. please help me understand what should be the preferred choice.
I used 50MHz oscillator to make Reference for pll. But, I didn't use a capacitor AC coupled between Ref and pll, the DC current from Ref isn't blocked. Please help me to know in detail the influence of DC current to the output frequency !?! Thank you!
hi, I recently made my first FM pll transmitter Rdvv 300mW found here: The pic, the buttons, the lcd are working but the TSA5511 chip cannot lock, the led are not activate and on the lcd stay on "busy" i have double check the board before solder for short circuit and its ok, (...)
Hi, I implemented a integer-N pll based frequency synthesizer but it takes 2m second to lock at desired frequency. But my adviser didn't accept it. Now I want to use DDFS but my project's details are as below: 1- output frequency between 880 MHz and 912 MHz 2- reference frequency 880 MHz or 900 MHz 3- step size 125 (...)
I have 2 adjacent pll's working next to each other. Each tuned to 10GHz. with a loop bandwidth of 15MHz ( closed loop BW) Problem: with some initial phases of the pll's, the two pll's start to play a ping pong game and the lock is lost. It's all over the (...)
hello All I am using veriloga for timing simulations for the sigma delta frac.pll I have a problem that the pll doesn't lock when using sigma delta , I was careful when coding the VCO and the multi modulus divider so that I will get the needed frequency band, (...)
Hi everyone, In fractional N plls the divider value is dithered by a sigma delta modulator. I need to know is this sigma delta modulator is clocked by reference clock or the divider output? and Why? Also, if we had higher frequency clocks can they be used instead? Thanks in advance
it probably varies for individual types of pll chips what is the pll chip you want to use, I would assume that info would be in the datasheet for the said chip Dave
A question in Razavi's book--RF Microelectronics. I don't understand the answer it gives: The phase detector provides both negative and positive gains. Thus, the loop automatically locks with negative feedback.
analog_ambi, I think the graphic tells nothing about the phase margin. Phase margin is a parameter that applies to the linearized pll in lockED condition only. But your graph clearly shows a kind of lock-in process, which obviously does NOT depend on the phase margin.
Fosc is the oscillator frequency, not the crystal frequency. The 48MHz is achieved through the use of a Phase lock Loop (pll) which essentially multiplies the crystal frequency by a set rate. BigDog
Hello,all, Pls. help to advise how about the phoise noise of my pll. Three loop bandwidth have been tried and attached,5K,10K and 20K,and the actual bandwidth in spectrum analyzer is much wider. (...)
I'm using Virtuoso 6.1.4. I have a working pll, and i would like to determine how long it takes the pll to acquire lock after the reference frequency is altered from the minimum to maximum (or from any reference frequency to another for that matter). I'm not too conversant with cadence (...)